I just received a free Epiphone Les Paul Studio with a missing headstock and a couple broken parts, but thats ok. I am going to use this as a learning tool to learn guitar refinishing and replacing the neck and the like. This is the ultimate project guitar that I can use to learn things on, cause if I make a mistake, its not as bad then if I had a much more expensive one.

My question is, does anyone have a wiring schematic for a Epiphone Les Paul Studio? I see there are basic ones for Gibson Les Pauls, are these wired the same as one? Or do I need one specific to an Epiphone Les Paul Studio? Thanks a lot!
It should be pretty similar. I can't imagine what's different.
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Exactly the same. There are two ways to normally wire them. Standard, and 50's wiring. 50's wiring is supposed to keep treble when turning the volume down, and standard the treble gets cut a bit. Most two humbucker guitars with four pots are wired similarly.

Since its a beater, if you get the neck replaced, you can experiment with both and other odd ways to wire it. A simple Google search will turn up loads of diagrams.

If not mistaken, my epi came stock with 50's wiring.
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Ok Question! I would like to sand the finish down enough to repaint this guitar. I don't want to remove the finish totally, but just sand it down enough for a repaint. My question is, what grit sandpaper / sandpapers should I use?