Hey folks!

First of all, I want to let you know that I'm new to this forum. Within a couple of days you can find a thread about me in the New Members-area

Second of all, the reason why I made this thread...
Since a few months I have the idea to buy a new (or second hand, i prefer a new one obviously) guitar.
But I can't choose...

It has the following reasons.
I mostly only play (is that an english sentence?) music written and composed by Rammstein, Avenged Sevenfold, Emigrate, Deathstars and so on. So, I'm not thinking about a Fender Strat, nor a Tele nor a different brand than Schecter, Gibson or ESP (I guess the LTD's because ESP's are way too expensive..)
That's because all the others, such as PRS or Ibanez, don't have the looks I want my next guitar to have.
PRS has immense hot looking guitars, so does Ibanez, but just... Nevermind. I don't like their looks enough.. Sorry!
And within a few months a few mates and I want to start a band and we already have a few songs we want to record. Therefore I want a guitar that's solid, usually doesn't need a back-up on stage and doesn't loose its looks fast.

My absolute dream guitar is the Richard Z. Kruspe signature, made by ESP; it had LTD-versions of it as well but they're not for sale anymore. And I've searched a long time to find one but the answer I got, every single time, was that there was no one ready to be sold...

Which guitars would I like to have in my hands?

ESP LTD EC-1000 VB (with EMG's, I personally don't like passives...)
ESP LTD RZK-600 (I guess no one of you, who has it, wants to sell it to me..? )
Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded-T
Schecter C-1 Hellraise BCH
Thats's basically it! Oh and by the way, no Floyd Roses, because I want to tune my guitar within a couple of seconds instead of minutes for example.

I am sure you have other ideas/guitars you want to share with me but you'll have to be very sure you want to convince me with your choice.
That's because it would only take me more time to choose and with your opinions on the guitars I just noticed, I'll be 'a little bit' closer to losing my money on a great piece of wood!

I'm looking forward to hear your opinions, and share your thoughts if you want!
Richard Z's guitars run dual EMG 81s so any of those guitars will do as long as they have an EMG 81 in the bridge. If you go used you can find 1000 series LTDs cheap. From your list though avoid the KH since it has a trem and know that the LP studio won't have EMGs installed. Here's a link so you can look at 1000 series LTDs and most of them should have the 81 in the bridge.
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scratch the Hammett.

What body type do you prefer? I would narrow that down first.

I would take an ltd 1000 series over the Schecter.
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The ltd 1000s look like the best bet here. Id take the EC because i like the shape more, but i think those are the best guitars that you listed.
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If you're concerned about the looks lasting then you don't want a signature model.

For what you're asking I'd also go with the 1000 series LTD of your shape preference.
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