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This is my first post in this wonderful community, all these threads and subforums have really helped me over the past few years, hopefully you guys and galls can me help me out as well That said, please correct me if this is the wrong category I'm posting in, I don't want trouble with the mods on day one

So, here's the deal: We (my band) are testing some lightweight setups for our rehearsels at our studio. Basically, I run my guitar through my Line6 UX2, into a mixing board. I've hooked a netbook to the UX2 with Guitar Rig 5 (the free version. Who could ask for more than that Jump amp right?). This all works harmoniously. Got it all set-up in one go, without any issues, like the hardware, love the software, happy camper

But now, to my problem; I got these neat BOSS FS-U5 footswitches, two of 'em, because the UX2 has two inputs. Bought them brand new at Thomann (youknowwhy) with two simple mono 3ft jack cables. Connected everything, started Guitar Rig, got some instructional threads, but all to no avail.

I can't get it to work, I found out that there is a LOT of MIDI stuff you can configure in the Windows Control Panel what totally gets me lost.
I've spent quite a few hours tweaking and trying different settings in Windows (Line6 MIDI control setup), there isn't much room for editing in Guitar RIg, so I don't think the problem is within there. I've tried both directions on the polarity switches and tried numerous presets within the Line6 Control panel.

I've worked through several instructions at native-instruments forums and Line6 forums, but those weren't helpfull at all.
Also, trying to post something on those boards, or the one at BOSS, looks like something for royalties, I couldn't get it done somehow

I just want the FS-U5 to control the presets I configured in GR5, use the two pedals to click up and down my presets.
Anyone out there using this exact same setup? Or maybe the necessary knowledge to get the MIDI part set-up correctly?
Please walk me through this!

Thanks a bunch in advance!
I dont think the pedals are supplying you midi data. They are simple nonlatching switches, not propper midi pedals, and i really doubt that the interface translates the signal from the pedals into MIDI. My guess is, that the footswitch inputs on the interface are only meant for controling functions in the Line6 PodFarm.

What you would need, is an actual midi pedal, for example a Behringer FCB1010 (i see that one used the most often, because its pretty cheap). But the problem is, that the ux2 doesnt seem to have a midi input anywhere, so you would either need a separate midi interface for the laptop, or buy a new interface with midi inputs.
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gorkyporky Thanks for clearing this up! Really sucks though, so the Line6, even though having a gazillion MIDI options in it's very own MIDI control panel, doesn't act as a controller? And latch/unlatch isn't a MIDI function?
Also, getting the Behringen footswitches won't make a difference because the UX2 isn't the right kind of interface for MIDI?
Well im sure there is a way to translate the pedal commands into midi, seeing as how some people use joysticks to control DAW's, but its sure to be very complex.

The easiest solution for you would probably be to buy some sort of usb to midi adapter like this: http://www.thomann.de/intl/thomann_midi_usb_1x1.htm?ref=search_rslt_midi_274906_3

And some sort of midi pedal like the beforementioned FCB1010. WIth some clever programing and setup, this will give you a lot fo posibility to control your DAW.
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Ok, so today I was at a local guitar shop, they couldn't help with this, but did mention another shop that specializes in DAW etc. So I went there, and this guy said exactly what you've been telling me gorkyporky :P bottom line is that the Line6 is a midi device as far as that it can recieve midi input, it cannot proces or control it any further. The Boss pedals don't do midi at all indeed. So yeah I would need a MIDI controller and interface to get this stuff going. Currently, we're looking into some kind of heavy duty, remote spacebar, since you can control GuitarRIg with your keyboard :P Thanks again for all the effort gorkyporky! I'll keep you posted on this
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From what I see the switches are simple on/off switches. They had a latching and non-latching option from what I remember, sliders on them or something like that. The idea looks like they are used to control the LIne6 software (Pod Farm like someone said?). I think you can set the switches inside Pod Farm to turn things on/off.

For portable practice I guess the Pod Farm will do...so you can just run with it. Not sure exactly what you want to do with these switches, change amp patches I guess? Since the Line6 unit has the option you just might want to stay that route, it should be simple settings in Pod Farm.

From what I can see is this interface doesn't have midi in/out so it will be better idea to get an interface with real midi connections if you want to run it outside of Line6 Pod Farm.

Here is a video on a footswitch setup, I think you're probably missing the step in the "switch mode" function he shows here:

Hopefully this will work, looks like it should. It is possible that the latching function/type of these footswitches is different from what is needed, you might have to play with those settings.

If you want to use other that Pod Farm, I don't think you can although it is possible that the interface panel footswitching will somehow translate to other gear via the utility drivers but I think figuring that out, especially with Line6 tech support is near impossible.
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I think if you want to go another route, you can look at Amplitube and its bluetooth switches, that way you get any interface, bluetooth compatible PC, and one of their switches and Amplitube software and then just do the switching with their switch.
This could work, but i think an actual midi pedal would give you a huge amount of control over your sound. And it could do a lot more than just control guitar rig, if you ever need it to.
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I'm very sure it will Gorky, as soon as we feel comfortable spending €150-200 on a fully functional MIDI rig, we will. I saw a nice AMT up/down unit that will probably be bought if the spacebar-pedal doesn't function properly.

Thanks again for all the great ideas guys, I'll keep you posted!
Used midi switch will do but you'll also need proper midi input on your audio interface or another midfi to USB converter. The current Line6 interface you have has no midi input, so you'll need to either augment with midi to USB interface or get new interface that has proper midi.
Or just tweak Pod Farm until you get something decent and stay on that.
First off, my apologies for this late reaction, however, we've implemented an awesome $20 solution.
We actually use keyboard-pedals (a decent usb stompbox) that triggers a keyboard binding in GuitarRig.
It's not chique at all, but it is the easiest and cheapest solution. And it works like a charm!
Thanks again for all the tips guys!