I just started home recording some of my tracks a few months ago. I usually just show friends and get feed back from them. But i think I am ready to face feedback from the real world. I listen to primarily metalcore bands and try to write the same. I tend to write a little softer a majority of the time, though there are times when i decide to write a heavier song. I am going to share a couple of tracks with you guys, though you can surf my soundcloud page and share thoughts on what else is there. I DO wanna stress that while not all of the earlier recordings are the best quality, I AM getting better everyday at the recording process. I know I have room for improvement on that front, believe me.... i know lol. Really looking for opinions and feedback on the songwriting itself.

Alright, the first one i have for you guys is called Benevolent, i just finished this one today actually... only notes i have about this one are that i realize the guitar in the intro sounds out of place...(too much gain??? idk..) and i wrote this one to be suuuuper melodic a majority of the way through.
here is the link to it:


The next one i have to share is called Paradigm Shift, I must have wrote this one like 1 month or so ago. It is actually one of the better quality songs i have and one of my absolute favorites. It is also a softer song with a pretty mellow bpm. It is one of the very very few songs of mine that has a solo in it(i dont think im skilled enough to do solos too often. But when i DO come up with something I always try to find a place in my music to try it out.) I feel like i should also mention that the solo's tone in this one is just a tad tad TAD bit out of place.
and here is the link for paradigm:


If you can be bothered and you DO wanna check some of my other recordings.. i recommend the "Personal Favorites" playlist.... if its not on that playlist... i cant promise that what you will hear will be my normal style or that the recording quality will be up to par. I upload alot of stuff to that channel. Even if it isnt something i would ever actually use on an album or for a band or anything like that.

Thanks in advance for listening, and i am looking forward to feedback or criticism.
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Really cool riffs, and interplay between the guitars.

I listened to the first song and I'll be honest I couldn't get through it. Not because the songwriting was bad, that was actually pretty good, but the mix was way too in your face. did you use any eqs on the guitars? I could give you some pointers on how to clean up the mix. Cleaned up this could sound really sick. I mean it already sounds really cool, but a cleaned up sound would make it enjoyable to listen to.

If you haven't already the first thing I would do is put a high pass filter on all the guitars.

Could you please review my music at this link.
xevious1 ill take ANY advice you got on getting a better tone out of stuff. I use amplitube... and i dont really knwo my stuff too well when it comes to the recording end of the spectrum. I use an EQ in amplitube that acts as a hipass... its something i picked up from all the videos and stuff i heard about using amplitube. My biggest problem is getting a decent tone out of my recordings. i have songs that not even I can get through anymore. I just figure ill get better and better. Never once thought about reaching out to someone on here for advice. But yea this is how i do things in my DAW(reaper)
i use one of the tones i have made in amplitube(which if im being honest... im not the MOST happy with... but it works... and its the same general setup everyone seems to use on everything ive seen. (5150 with either its signature cab or an Orange PPC 4x12, usually all with amplitubes EQ acting as the hi(and low i think)-pass. Oh and i also use the compressor in the rack that comes with amplitube.(i mean but honestly i couldnt even tell you what a compressor does O.o) Then i usually record everything with each set of guitars to its own bus. and when all is said and done... i make some adjustments to each buses EQ and then the master eq... though i never really change much cause i feel like with my limited set of knowledge that im not always sure what to look for. I just kinda wing it lol.

any advice you got on mastering guitars similar to the ones i showed here would be SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER appreciated cause everything i usually do ends up sounding like the exact style i got here. i think if i learned some things on how to master just this one song i could master ALL my stuff using the same ideas. I have a pretty methodical way of writing my songs so the information would be applicable in all my music.
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The overall mix, in terms of levels of everything, seems to be pretty balanced. Your song arrangements and songwriting sounds great; you could definitely call it metalcore but you've got some fresh ideas going on there. The playing was just fine as well. If only you could get a handle on the overall tone, I think you'd have some excellent stuff here. I suspect the culprit is simply the use of Amplitude and plugins. Admittedly, I'm not familiar with Amplitude or even recording with VSTs. I have tried recording directly into my interface and using stock plugins in my DAW (Studio One), and after hours of messing around end up with a tone just like what you've got here. There's this "mud" that won't go away. "Mud" actually doesn't really describe it -- it's like an amp that is completely encased by pillows, muffling the clarity -- but you can still hear that there's some good tone struggling to get out. That's what I heard on your tracks -- there's good tone in there somewhere, it's just a struggle to hear it. This is just my opinion, but I think if you're going to record with virtual amps, you need to spend some money on higher-end plugins and cab impulses, etc. When I mic up to my cab with my 6505, it immediately sounds way better than anything I can get on my DAW without even trying.

Anyhow, does your EQ plugin have control over more than just bass, middle, and treble? Does it have any "Q" adjustment? Let's say you want to do an EQ cut at 500hz. So you're going to put a notch that reduces the gain on that frequency band by 6db. What a "Q" adjustment does is control the width of that notch. So if you adjusted it wider, you may be removing content from 480-520 hz. Narrower, you might only be removing 495hz-505hz. In your recordings, you've got some "blanketing" mud that lies somewhere in the mids. If you could try finding it with your EQ and cut it by 6db or so, you might greatly increase the clarity of your mixes. You accomplish that by setting a fairly wide Q in your midrange frequencies and then sweep it up and down the EQ spectrum while listening until the "mud" is obviously reduced. Then you can fine-tune the Q so that you're only removing what's necessary and keeping content that helps the mix. For guitars, there is usually some "mud" and "pillowy" effect around the 250hz range -- I'd start there and do a cut by 6db or so and see what happens. Even up to the 500hz range, guitars have kind of a boxy, "vowelly" sound that doesn't really help their tone -- and it's also the average range of most human vocalists. After playing around with your guitar tracks, look into your bass tracks. They may be colliding with your guitar tones and muddying up the mix. When mixed just right, the bass guitars sit just below the guitars and help "push" them and give them power -- yet are still audible on their own. But there's a lot of different philosophies on how to accomplish that, and I'm certainly no expert. For my genres of music, I don't really want to hear the bass guitar separate from the overall mix -- I just want it there to fill in the low-end with the mindset that "you don't really know it's there until it's gone -- then you want it back in." Anyway, keep it up, and good luck!

Here's my latest track if you want to give it a critique: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1702814
Bruh, Benevolent starts off so damn captivating. The mix is pretty good, but the toms feel like they wanna rule the world by brain raping it with gravitational waves. Less low end a lil more low mid would help, I believe. The harmonies at 1:09 and at 2:27 get me every time. All this needed was a sick vocalist and it'd be something I'd absolutely jam my heart out too man, legit. Absolutely loved the creativity in this track. Sick amount of songwriting, and your playing is mad tight, that's a serious plus.

The intro chord progression is super metalcore (yeah, it actually seemed metalcore, the last song didn't xD) and it's pretty okay so far. I just feel there's too much going on (starting at 0:40, way too much everywhere, but it may be due to me listening on old-ish montors. the key change was pretty okay, but nothing mind blowing.

Of these two, I prefered Benevolent and Imma add it to my favorites man. I'd say you really did very well there.
Production is pretty damn good (and I'd say better than mine, ESPECIALLY around the drums, particularly the snare)

C4C doe?
You got some nice riffs going and some nice contrasting sections. While I do enjoy the different riffs, there's not a whole lot that makes it stand out though, but with some proper vocals that could happen? In terms of mix, yeah it's not optimal, but it'll get better. I haven't got much to add to what has already been said. It takes a lot of practice and trial'n'error. Just keep at it.

Paradigm Shift[/
A very accessible and catchy riff in the beginning. It's muffled a bit in the mix. Maybe cut some of the low end and make the trebles shine more on the lead guitar there? I can totally see what you're trying to achieve here and it works really when I play it back in my head again. You've definitely got a knick for making different riffs and sections work well together. Even just as an instrumental there's a fairly clear progression. The key change wasn't entirely unexpected, but came as enough of a surprise to make it work. I like that it ends rather abrupt.

Good job overall.
The main piece of advice I'll give you is the high pass filter on your guitars should be a lot more aggressive than you would think. You want all the low end to come from the bass, if you have a lot of low end coming from the guitars it can get muddy. What I do is solo each guitar part and I keep increasing the high pass filter until it starts to have no bass, then I slightly push the filter back. I do that on both guitars.

Also here is a good tutorial on eqing guitars, this guy has a ton of great tutorials about mixing on YouTube.