I just got done researching the early B-52s tone, the surfy, new wave, percussive guitar sound of Ricky Wilson (for songs like Rock Lobster, 52 Girls, Private Idaho, etc). I found that a single coil guitar, a cranked Fender amp, with an EP boost, did the trick for the most part.

Now I'm taking an interest in their more recent guitar sound, a la the 2008 album "Funxplex". Different guitarist (Keith Strickland), different gear (and here's the problem, can't seem to find any good pics of pedals/amps used on the net).

The tone can be characterized as a really punchy single coil sound, that has both a dirty yet clean sound, utilizing both Telecasters and Stratocasters. Slightly more peppy than their old guitar tone.


Example 2:

What I do know is that a Fender amp of some kind is once again involved. Other than that, probably an OD or boost pedal of some kind, that my EP isn't doing the trick with. So what pedals might be good for copping this tone?
You might find this part of an interview he did helpful:

Yeah, I have Telecasters, and a lot of the older songs are in alternate tunings, so I started to use the Line 6 Variax. You can program the tuning so instead of having 14 guitars I can narrow it down to two guitars. I use those and they work out pretty well. I’m pretty satisfied with the tone. I’d prefer a real pickup but I like the Line 6. I think it’s working out pretty well. So I use that, and then I have two Fender ’57 Deluxe amps that I use. I have a pretty simple setup. Fulltone distortion, a delay pedal and compression, and that’s about it really.

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