Okay, so I'm trying to take an Atomic humbucker out of my fender jaguarillo and put it in my Ibanez RG6003FM (bridge position). Problem is I can't for the life of me figure out how to properly wire it. Most videos I find aren't helpful. Can anyone give me some direction?

(Edit) Just realized I never mentioned the ibanez has a 5 way selector for an HH set-up, which is where a lot of my confusion lies. I know how to switch pups for a three way switch, just not a five way.
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ryanbwags I do not. My main thing that confuses me is in the Ibanez the bridge pickup has a two wires going to the pick-up selector, and one on the back of a pot, and I don't know which wires I need to connect where from the Atomic to make it work right.
Find the color codes for both pickups, and then use a wiring diagram from somewhere like guitarelectronics or Duncan's site. A little searching will find what you need.
Roc8995 Well I've basically figured out what does what to a certain degree. On the Ibanez, there's a red wire and a white wire that are both attached to the five way switch, with the remaining two (?) wires connected to the back of the pot as a ground. My trouble is figuring out what on the Atomic goes where. I know one wire is the hot and one is the ground and the two others are whatever. I guess I'm just confused by what to do when connecting to a five way cause I know how to connect to a three way.
That's good, but clearly you still need more information. I gave you the things you need to know.
The color codes will tell you how to translate between the pickup wires. The wiring diagram will tell you how the 5-way is connected.

Well, couldn't find a color code for the Atomic (Information on the Jaguarillo is really sparse even though it's a pretty recent model, it's weird), but through pure trial and error I finally got it wired up and it seems to work. There's a bit of buzz, but it works. I was right about the red being the ground and the green being hot, but I had it (the green) in the wrong position.