Hi all, hoping for some feedback on my latest song. Main influences were Puritanical-era Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, but the folks on reddit said it was reminiscent of Devin Townsend and Biomechanical. Evidently I was way off the mark.

Anywho, here's the link. Lemme know what you think!
Hey, thanks for reviewing my stuff!

The part at 0:52 kind of reminded me of Faith No More, which is always a good thing, and I enjoyed a lot the melodic part that starts around 3:30. The rest is pretty good too but those were my personal highlights. Sound is very good, the only thing I'd do is increase the cymbals volume a little, they sounded too quiet to me. Other than that, great job!
Very cool song man, the drums sound awesome (slate?) as do the guitars, they're super crunchy in in a great way and cut really well. I think the riff that i'm calling the verse gets a little repetitive, but I assume with vocals that'll get better. I would mix the keys down a little in the mix, they clash a little bit with the guitars in my opinion.

other than that it's all super good songwriting and you have a excellent grasp on taking someone on a journey through your song


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First off, thanks for reviewing my track a week or so ago -- I really appreciate it! You've got a really solid song here. You mentioned that Emperor and Dimmu were influences but you went off the mark; well, I definitely heard an Emperor influence, especially the way certain parts harmonized. I heard a little modern Enslaved as well. I really enjoyed the melodic "uplift" passage that began at around 3:18 which quickly built to some guitar leads at 3:30. About the only critique I thought of during the whole song regards those leads. The tone you got on those is excellent -- I'd like to hear it a little better. Overall, I think if those leads were brought up in the mix a little, and maybe EQ'd to have a little more edge, it might enhance the "buildup and then resolution" idea you've developed even better. But in essence, it's a great track as-is. Keep up the good work -- can't wait to hear more!

Here's another song of mine that you might enjoy if you liked my other one. I finished it last year and it was my first finished song -- but I'm still pretty happy with the results. I'd appreciate a critique if you have the time:

Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
Okay, what I didn't like/threw me off at first:

I can see where you were headed to with the track, but the ambient synths felt a lil too heavy and the drums a litlle lacking off the natural punch drums give.

Yeah, that's all xD

at 1:12, you threw a lil harmony and, I shit you not, I LOVE the fact that you didn't go at it again and kept it there, as these little details get someone's attention and they listen closely to what's next (which I also enjoyed!). reminded me of things The Contortionist did on their album Exoplanet (a personal favorite)

You did it again at 2:13, and again, well executed (specially since I'm not a fan of this feel of metal, and I'm still listening in for these enticing surprises.

From 3:12, the chord progression worked soooo well with the synths this time around, made me wanna listen to this while playing Dark Souls (pump me up into thinking I can defeat anyone and anything)

Man, I can't imagine what some brutal vocals would sound like on this track.

Very good work my friend, as you made me really listen

C4C maybe?
Not my style, so I might not be the most qualified to give you feedback. You are very good at portraiting different types of scenes/atmospheres in your music. I kind of wish that the contrasting section at around 2min could benefit from being a little longer. The listener doesn't really have enough time to digest this part and charge up for the next which makes the next section feel a bit like a sensory overload, but again this might have been intentional (I think extending it would also make the ending more powerful). I would love to hear ~3min onwards with some full vocals.

Good job!

Thanks for the reviews guys! I'm pretty sure I've gotten back to everyone but if I missed a review somewhere let me know.

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Very cool song man, the drums sound awesome (slate?)

Glad you liked them, getting the drums to sound right has been a thorn in my side for yeeeeaaaaaars! To answer your question, I used just the standard Superior Drummer 2.

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I kind of wish that the contrasting section at around 2min could benefit from being a little longer. The listener doesn't really have enough time to digest this part and charge up for the next which makes the next section feel a bit like a sensory overload

I kept it brief both to give the section immediately following it more impact without actually losing the energy of the song and because in the original version of the song that clean bit had already been used in a roughly 90 second clean intro and was going to return at the point where I chose to end the song as interlude. I didn't want to wear it out.

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What the name of the VST of the epic Choir in the background ?

It's a free VST called DSK ChoirZ, it's super easy-to-use and it sounds awesome. Here's a link for the website if you wanna check it out, if you need a choir VST I can't recommend it strongly enough: http://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-choirz/
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