Good day,

Struggling a bit here. I work in IT, and grew up in quite an isolated environment so I am not sure where to start with troubleshooting when it comes to my amplified. I am running a cab and head at the moment (bugera cab 412hbk) and a Line 6 III 150 HD.

I have another amp at the moment, but I want to repair this one and see if I can get it up and running. At the moment, when I switch it on, all the lights come as per usual. This tells me that the electronics aren't fried, or the board at least isn't. The problem is that there is no sound output. I have changed cables just to make sure that is wasn't them.

I want to find the fault here, and I have a hunch that it is with the cab. (I can touch the jack when plugged in, and there is no noise response.)

Just want to ask, what do you think it is? And where would be the best place to start?

Thanks, and excuse the amateur question,
Line 6 Spider III head? Have you plugged headphones into the head to see if that works? That may eliminate the head.
Dumb question: You are using a speaker cable and not a guitar cable from amp to speaker, right?
Could be a broken wire inside the cab if it still doesn't work.
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Is the speaker functioning? First thing i do is check the resistance of the cab using an ohm-meter.