Hey guys drummer here. I recently joined a new band who as of now has guitarist using their own amp and the vocalist using some kind of wireless vocal system. No bass player yet and lead guitarist is on vacation. It's a rock/metal band so alot of crashes,the drums killed me on hearing everybody else. Nobody else had any issues hearing each other. So I'd like to use in-ear monitors. I have two options: One is Galaxy Audio AS-900 in ear system. Which I think is my best bet and has dual input. And the other option is a Harbinger M60 PA. Which would be best for me to use and what cables do I need? Last band had everybody going into a different PA and then I used a monitor out to the Galaxy Audio In-Ears.

I'm thinking using the Galaxy Audio would be best, it has dual XLR/1/4" combo input. So I'm assuming, use a 1/4" speaker cable from the guitar amp to the in-ears right, not a instrument cable? And then depending on outputs of the vocalists system either XLR cable to input 2 of the in-ears or another 1/4" speaker cable.