Just got me a new guitfiddle. A Jackson SLATX-M 3-7.

Quick run-through of the specs:

- 26.5" scale
- Basswood body, maple neck and fretboard
- Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient set
- Floyd Rose Special bridge
- Neck-through construction

Guitar is pretty much perfect, and the price was insanely low (about $650 in Canadian money) for what you get spec-wise. Only issue I have is the Floyd Rose, which is a bit of a steep learning curve for me, and this one doesn't feel much nicer than the cheap licensed Floyd I had on the only other guitar I owned with a Floyd (a Peavey Predator). Other than that, it feels and plays like butter, sounds pretty amazing, and it's beautiful to look at. Definitely the nicest guitar I've owned so far.

And here's a video of me testing it out through my bedroom rig. Just some phaser, overdrive and a bit of delay over a generic backing track. Mind the playing, I'm a little out of practice. :P

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Congrats, that looks nice. I'm hearing good things about those SLAT 7 strings.
great color. congrats!
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DAYUM, that is one skinny neck! It's almost invisible.

Sounds good, looks good...must be good!
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Sweet I am a die hard Jackson man and a sucker for a blue guitar and that maple neck...
Congrats on the aquisition.
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Quote by dthmtl3
Congrats, that looks nice. I'm hearing good things about those SLAT 7 strings.

I went into it without looking into the hype. I'm actually an Ibanez guy, but I needed a 7-string with a longer scale for downtuning, and the price on this was impossible to ignore. I'm so glad I made the purchase. As soon as the trem is properly blocked, I'm going to mess with so many tunings

Quote by dannyalcatraz
DAYUM, that is one skinny neck! It's almost invisible.

I was honestly surprised. I thought Ibanez had the market cornered on skinny necks, but this one just takes the cake. I'm bringing it home on the bus, and it almost doesn't feel like it's in my cheap gig bag at all, it's so unsubstantial in size. And yet, it's a HEAVY guitar :O

As for the colour and the maple fretboard... it's definitely the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned (my collection so far has pretty much been "gloss black superstrat with rosewood fretboard").
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
Congrats! Jacksons are great!!
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Quote by RBM01991
Maple fretboard > almost anything.

The more I play it, the more I agree <3
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
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Very, very sexy and nice! I recently got a 26.5inch maple boarded 7 string also, (an Ibanez RGDIX7 MPB) and am in love with it, so I definitely can relate to how you feel with this one.
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This is the 2nd Jackson 7 string thread I've come across within 5 minutes. It's making me start to miss having a 7, dammit!

Anyways, nice score! I love a good Jackson!
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Thats so nice man, I played a six string hardtail version at Guitar Center the other day. It was soo nice, it made me want to buy it; I wish they made the seven string hardtail because I'm done with floyd guitars.
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