Hello all, long time no post!

Anyways, I recently decided I wanted to change the original Grover tuners (18:1) in my Agile to the Keystone style Grovers for a more traditional look. I did my research and it seemed like everything was a direct swap. I ordered the Keystones (14:1), and everything was fine. However, when I tried to install them, the screw hole on the back was not directly on, but about half-the-hole short.

Now my question is, are the 14:1 and 18:1 ratio tuners not direct swaps for each other? Any thing helps in this, as I made an honest mistake, and just want help fixing it. Thanks y'all

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I think you've just answered your own question. If the holes are off, they're not a direct swap. Not much more to it than that, unless you're putting them on cockeyed or something, and I imagine you would have noticed if a little rotating would fix the problem.

Drilling another small hole isn't a big deal, at least not to me. Often the housing will cover the old hole anyway. Otherwise you may still be able to return the replacement machine heads.
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Worst case you can fill the holes with tooth picks. Nail polish in a maching color over them will help blend them in, then re drill.