Like the title says. Ive played guitar for a little more than a year and no not that much about wiring so a manual is a necessity. I want to switch the pickups out to emgs or sd invaders so try to stay under the 300$ range.
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Why a kit? If it's for budget reasons, you can get a used Epiphone Explorer for under $300.
If you would like to learn more about guitar, it can be a good way to do it. You're going to have to set it up when you're done building, and wiring it is good practice. If you've never done it before, your paint job will probably not be all that great.

this is probably as good as anything else.
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BYOG is hit or miss, honestly. I don't think many people end up with results they're ever completely happy with and the resale is nearly non-existent.

There are a TON of guides for pickup swaps out there in the world. Soldering is a great skill to have, and once you get it down you'll have it forever. I personally don't think it's very hard at all, I taught myself through trial and error when I was a teenager, so learning proper through videos would probably make you better faster.

I'd urge you to find a used Epi and swap the pickups.
I agree with ryanbwags and JustRooster. Buy a used guitar and mess with it... A while back I was going to buy one of those DIY kits, but couldn't find a box with a neck that was straight. The owner let me open all the boxes (about 5) to pick the best neck. Landed up not buying the kit. Instead bought a nice squier tele to re-finish and put my own 'stamp' on it... At least the guitar has better parts than a DIY guitar. just my 2cents