Song I finished Spring of 2016 called Eternal Sorrow.


Dreams are made alone
Ghosts whisper through through Anika's home
I thought I had an out
Insecure, brooding, drowning in the crowd

They came at me with force
Paranoid vampires showing no remorse
Stumbled and bemused
All this lonely dreaming has her feeling used

Walking through the valley of bloody suicides
I've lost the easy answer, I'm fighting for my life
Driftin through a portal of morbid fallen dreams
All emotions dead, soul ripping at the seams

Opened my eyes chained
Arms numbing, needles in my veins
Unleash a scream or sigh
Equally silent to these beings of blight

Saw my dying day in my waking mind
These shackles are eternal, rage is shooting blind
Saw my waking lifetime unfolding in the flames
losing blood so quickly they think that its a game

Relief slowly comes
Broken nervous system, feeling on the run
Shrug and walk away
Their hidden faces leering, pampering my grave

This cycle cannot break until a change is made
I'm empty on ideas, distrubuting the blame
Suspended and eternal this cycle cannot die
Until the others are taken from my life
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