Hi All:

Just signed up with Ultimate Guitar today. My wife just bought me a 12 string Martin and I am noodling around on it. Any tips on technique and such that you'd like to share? Much appreciated.
if you're new to the whole 12 string thing and find yourself struggling with finding a good fingerpicking sound maybe try restringing so that the bass string is toward the bass end of each pair

my experience is limited, but i've seen it done and i kind of preferred the reverse stringing.
I wouldn't re-string, personally. Part of the charm of the 12-string is getting those high octaves in the bass when fingerpicking. (However, AFAIK, Rickenbacker 12s were strung the other way.)

Tuning down could be worthwhile. If you're used to the feel of 6-string, 12-string can be tough. Traditionally, 12-string players often tuned down a whole step, or even 2 whole steps. You get a great, deep, almost piano-like sound doing that, and can even bend strings. (Blind Willie McTell tuned down 2 whole steps.)
And there could be some great mileage in open tunings or alternative tunings of various kinds.
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