Brb, eating bulk red meat
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

The porno ubermensch
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
I lost too much weight for this
A poem.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
Let's evaluate the situation here...

This is now in my browser history. I need to go to the store now. I could get hit by a car on the way there. This would still be in my browser history.
I think I might have to delete my browser history and go to the store now.
Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; man got to sit and wonder, 'Why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; man got to tell himself he understand.

this guy was on tosh.0 like a year ago and the whole thing was slightly disturbing.