Before anyone jumps on me telling me to use a real bass - I just don't own a real bass, and my money is extremely limited. I don't get much to spend after bills, food, etc. Otherwise, yes I would love to buy one someday.
Anyways.. I've tried Trilian before, it sounds incredible, but it's just too damn expensive. At that point you just might as well buy that real bass anyways.
I've tried Ample Bass before which I liked the sound of a lot. But I had an issue with it.. Since I play Drop B, the lowest B,C, and C# would give me more of a subwoofer bass sound without any brightness or attack. Just basically sounds like treble it cut completely and mids down halfway. The other notes sound fine, but couldn't use it since that drastic change from b to d.
Since than I used a free one called OMBass, which is "passable" but not great. Also gives me buffering artifacts sometimes.
I'd really like a good bass vsti.
Just use any Bass VSTi and pump it through an AmpSim. I've done this a lot and if done right is almost never called out.
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