If you are looking for accuracy, no. Eddy's neck was a 2 piece with no skunk stripe, and it was heel adjusted, no truss rod access at the headstock. It also had rosewood inlays, not black. The tuners are wrong too, he had Schallers. The switch in the middle cavity is also wrong, it should have a spring on it, which I forget what it is called. The neck pickup is also black instead of red. The buttons also need to be eyehooks, #4 if I remember correctly. I also see no trace of the 1971 quarter. That leaves the only things that distinguish this from a normal build a strat kit is the cavities, the parts unrelated to both, and the scratchplate with the volume knob, which I think that the screw layout may be wrong as well, I think his had 5 screws. You also need those reflectors on the back, which can be found at hardware stores and autoparts stores. This guitar would look very different to somebody like me.
If you are not looking to be exact, I'd say that there are better options in the price range anyway.

If you are willing to re-route the body, this is the cheapest one I know of: http://www.guitarfetish.com/XGP-Professional-Strat-Body-Unfinished-Solid-Swamp-Ash_p_12618.html

To get exact specs on the neck would be pricey, since it needs to be custom made, but mightymite makes good maple necks at around 80+ I heard. I got mine from musikraft, but now warmoth makes them similar, although you'd probably have to call to request one with a 2 piece Birdseye neck since it will only allow a 1 piece on the site.

That's a copy floyd too, and I doubt it has a brass block. That website with the body also has a brass and steel floyd copy at around 80 dollars I believe. If not, an original floyd with a brass block probably costs 200+. That website also has an EVH pickup called the VEH which is also very accurate, and it's only 40 bucks. I had it in a parts guitar, and it was the only reason the guitar sounded half way decent.

I would not recommend this.They say you've have to polish the frets, which in my experience means that the neck is very cheap. If you want to buy a kit with most of the parts, I'd buy a strat kit from BYOguitar, Guitarfetish, or Pitbullguitars, which I heard are pretty good kits, even though you do have to polish the frets.

Please post pictures when you are done, and maybe join the van halen fanatics facebook group, we'd like to see it too. Don't be shy either, people do inspired builds as well as accurate builds on the site. Happy building!