Hi there, I'm looking to get some really good quality recording sound. I have recently purchased the BIAS VST which is said to be really good and from example videos I've seen and reviews it seems to be the exact sound I want. However when I use the software by using my POD GX (I also have a PreSonus Audiobox but have not tried it yet, not sure if it's that much different) into Reaper and creating a Dry input sound from the POD GX and then adding the BIAS VST for the tone I get a pretty crappy sound, it's not too bad I guess but it definitely is not as good as from what I've seen in other videos (even when I use EQ etc). I watched this video and it seems that if I purchase a DI box (not sure if it matters how good it is) and use it to create 2 signals at the same time from both my Roland Cube 40GX amp (by plugging straight into the amp (without a microphone)) and my POD GX (or PreSonus Audiobox) then that should help with the sound quality. Is there anything else I need to know? Will my amp be good enough for this?

I'll seriously appreciate the help
I did a session very recently where the guitarist used a Roland Cube amp. I'm almost sure it was the 40.

This is what we got out of it...

So, the amp is up to snuff. That said, it comes down to your method.

What you're hearing in that track is this:
1. Guitar 1 - JamUP Pro for iOS Randall Treadplate model (from the DI track) - panned about 80%L
2. Guitar 1 - Sennheiser MD421 - panned about 65%L
3. Guitar 2 - Shure SM57 - panned about 65% right
4. Guitar 2 - JamUP Pro for iOS Marhsall JCM800 model (from the DI track) - panned about 80% right.

Note that NONE of the guitar sounds were done direct from the amp using their amp sim / speaker sim. We did use the amp sim, but miked the speaker to get real air in a real room.

We DID use a DI - we plugged the guitar into the DI, into a high quality preamp, and sent one line to the recorder and one line from the DI box to the amp. This way, when we reamped the clean signal through a model on the iPad, it was a good, solid, clean signal. Then we recorded that back in through a high quality preamp.

I have yet to hear an amp (or all in one floor processor) with built-in mojo magic go direct to a recorder and sound good. But somehow, there are models in other devices (like the JamUP for iOS) and the VST Amp Rack in Cubase (the former better than the latter) that are really excellent models.

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