So, this thread is indeed belated, as I've had this pickup for almost a month now!

Anyways, I was in the market for a new bridge pickup for my white Gibson V, and not only did I go boutique, I went local too - behold!

Those of you who may be familiar w/Wolfetone stuff have likely heard of Wolfe's more PAF-based offerings (such as the Dr. Vintage and Marshalhead models), but I was after something pretty nasty for this guitar, so what did I do? I picked up his highest output model offered - The Blisterbucker (Ceramic magnet, and wired to 16+ K ohms).

This is one of the more interesting pickup swap experiences I've had, because my first impression of this pickup was that it sounded a bit on the muddy side in this guitar, a complaint I have heard in the past about certain extra hot passive pickups (such as the SD Invader). I decided to get ahold of Wolfe about it, and I was actually invited over to his shop/residence for assistance with troubleshooting the issue. We discovered that the pots in the V this went into were well under spec (460K vs the advertised 500). A switch to another pot measuring in @ 522 K ended up making quite a bit difference over the stock pot, and I got a better idea of what this beast is really capable of!

The pickup definitely lives up to it's name, as it's one of the hotter passives I've had a chance to play with. Hotter than the 500T pickup that came stock in my old explorer for sure! EQ-wise, this pickup has a massive low end, with a slight dip in the midrange, and a distinctive bite on the top end. While I didn't buy this pickup with the idea of using it for clean tones, I was surprised to discover that the cleans tones I get out of it weren't quite as sterile/dirty as I was expecting. I certainly wouldn't recommend it for jazz, but you can get usable cleans for soft passages of songs out of it.

Overdriven tones are where this thing's true character really shines - It really pushes an amp, and works best for screaming high gain tones (You will have to be rather conservative with the gain knob on your amp if you want to try and get a mid-gain crunch with this pup). To my ears, it's a more modern-voiced pickup that is well suited to modern metal styles, but it can still do the vintage high gain sounds as well (It does the modern stuff better though). If I have to try and compare it to other high output pickups I've played with, it's kind of like a 500T on steroids to my ears (From what I remember of it, as it's been awhile since I've played a guitar w/that pickup in it), but it has a more unique feel/character to it - perhaps this is the magic of hand-wound pups?

I do feel that in an all-mahogany guitar like the V it went in, that this pickup will probably be even better w/a 1 meg tone pot for some additional clarity/highs, so I plan on swapping one in very soon.

My synopsis so far?

- This thing is a real screamer!
- I've learned what a difference pots can make on tone - this is perhaps too overlooked!
- Wolfe's customer service can't be beat!
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excellent nice customer service too
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Sweet congrats on the new pup!
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