Quit deleting other peoples posts for knowing me irl or talking to me, talk about insecure.

I am not here to troll (anymore), but to provide harm reduction in a single thread. You deleted not only mine, but many others posts on a whim in the drug thread for breaking rules that didn't exist before you made them up to delete whoevers posts you wanted to.

Mah b for hurting your feelings which led to a perma ban.

Nonetheless, act like a big baby and I will turn the pit into a cesspool of shit with greater likes than you have ever seen.

This account will get banned too (fuck you for banning a decade veteran who has done nothing but contribute and sometimes lightfully troll)

Nonetheless again, brb without any names that point to me being garden of grey. I will continue to help people by buying my own proxy site tomorrow morning. Through your awesome blue named wrath I hope you eventually ban me and many people who aren't me in the name of power tripping. I am infinite :0

Ps Iluvubbby

The offer still stands to give $100 to unban my original account which had no problems until your feels came in the way a couple years ago, but until then I'll just keep rollin + trollin.

Blue lives matter, unless you're the guitarist. If you're him I will waste so much fucking more of your time than you could ever even imagine. I will make this website so decripit that news articles will get written about it. Pure h8 m8.

Make sure to ban anyone helping anyone in the DT, it could be me. IP ban this address to pretend like you can even try to stop me. Have a good night and wait until I make you puke.
The 24 hour posting period wait and ip bans are so brilliant, they remind me of forums that were on par about a decade and a half ago. I got some bad news for you brah.
This acct will be banned, but cut that shit out where you delete posts of anyone who mentions knowing or being cool with me. Big baby/10.
I am about to make your clicking hand more sore than you could fucking imagine. Time to script trash this entire website with account multis in the tens of thousands.

Sorry zappp, sorry ug, but eat shit and die you crooked tooth british fuck with no friends irl. It takes a lot of spare time to stick around and boss around strangers on the internet for no pay, this is only gonna take me a few hours to make this the ugliest and most perverted forum on the internet for a good while.
See yall nice fellas tomorrow and so forth. If you lose serious revenue from being ddos to death then I am sry for your losses. I will put money into closing down what was left of this site

bipolar schizoaffective lyfe, bois.