I've recorded myself drunk and in a good mood 'festive /Peace on Earth / Christmas vibes & drunk' - the lighting's poor and so is the volume of the amp / partily because of when I filmed it; December 26th/Boxing Day at 1am in a terraced house with neighbours that I didn't want to disturb - plus I was drunk and wanted to play for my Facebook too, to wish them a happy holidays too; or something.

(for the billionth time)..

I get stoned a lot.
-So this is just some of my latest videos I have - Recorded in the week these are just quick things I found myself doing to show off my guitar to instagram (for the first time).

Here's what I released first.

Here's what I probably actually played first, like my first take that made it from the top to my bottom... Or the first one of mine that I liked, even though I hated it, I went back and decided it needed to be louder and I wanted to be a lot tighter in my rhythmic playing.

Louder was good but limited my recording time from the 20 minutes or so that I had to 5 minutes, and then hope the neighbours aren't mad... so the volume went up, I don't know how many loud takes I had like 1 or 2 or whatever, but..... I loved the that feedback I sought and gotten so much that my video ran 15 seconds longer so I had to cut the first part of my video to capture that feedback and I'm still a little p'd that I couldn't even save the final split seconds or 2 seconds or whatever so, but yeah. That's why the one I released first to IG's missing 'a beginning' of sorts, I really wanted to post that feedback of that guitar, and I probably do suck too in that take prior to the cut, so, IDK.

I once tried playing guitar under the influence of ketamine... In like 2007 / 2008... I (being me I guess) played/tried to play Paradise City by Guns N' Roses (unplugged) to stop me from K-holeing or to combat the effects of the drug, and, I wasn't on my own, in my room with like 6 /7 of my buddies all on ket'... I remember I could play but only the G, C, F, C, G (first) part over and over and over and that was all I could play/was playing/cared to play at the time, just over and over and over, until my friend next to me got loud so I 'on ket' calmly just put my hand on his mouth to quiet him' then went back to the guitar. I have no video evidence of that (thank God) but, that's what I remember about playing guitar under the influence of ketamine.
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drugs are bad

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I tried playing guitar while coming down on LSD once and it wasn't easy because my hands and arms felt so relaxed and heavy.

Cannabis makes me more focused on playing in time because when sober my rhythm is really off.
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bad for playing, good for writing and mixing

this. I can't play anything except slow blues jams when I'm on any kind of drug. Which sucks because I have way more ideas but my hands just won't play them.
I'm not very dexterous when I'm not sober.
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I jam with my band stoned all the time it's fun and I get creative ideas
Getting a little buzzed before laying out tracks and producing makes using the softwares more fun and I get some good ideas while mixing
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I don't smoke weed anymore but I always had a blast playing guitar or keyboard stoned.
I used to play stoned all of the time but now i don't smoke.

Watching these vids it seems like being buzzed makes you try harder to act like a rock star than to concentrate on you accuracy unless you always throw your guitar around like that.
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but yeah it helps to be slightly fucked up all the time when you hate your life and the person that you are
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