Bought an old white charvel I'd really like to swirl paint.

It's got a few chips and dings to body which doesn't bother me I'd like to have a white base colour, do I still need to prime it or can I just add the swirl? Or do I need to sand it back down to wood and start over.

Any advice much appreciated, cheers
I am not sure if swirl really works any different than regular paint, but I imagine not. In that case, you should just need to lightly sand the the body enough to basically "dull" the look of it. This way the paint will adhere to the tiny scratches made by the sand paper. Use a light grit to do this. I like to use fine sanding sponges which are about 220 grit I believe.

If you wanted to do it the proper way, then yes, you would want to take the paint down to wood. I don't really recommend doing this if you don't care about the dings, however, because then you have to deal with grain sealer and primers and so forth.

Thanks for the reply, is there a certain type of paint and laquer I need to use? I'm based in UK. Thanks
There are multiple YouTube vids that cover the whole swirl painting process. Start digging.