Hi I am looking at buying an amplifier and i really like the tone of the vox ac10c1.
I play classic rock, progressive and psychedelic rock, blues and a bit of classic metal and progressive metal. I am wondering since i like the sound of the amp for classic rock etc. will i still be able to get good metal tones out of it.
I have an ibanez tubescreamer and want your opinion on how that would work with the vox.
Finally, will it be loud enough to gig with? If you think it is not the right amp for me other suggestions are welcome.
I'm not sure what your budget is, but for the price of a new Vox AC10C, you could get a used Peavey Valveking 112 and replace the speaker with a Vintage 30, and you will be able to get the tones you are looking for at a wattage that will be enough to play over a drummer comfortably. 10 watts can be very loud, but with a single channel amp, I don't think you will be able to hit all of those tones without more pedals nor do I think it would be viable with a drummer without being mic'd. There are probably more amps that would fit within your tone range and budget, but most of my experience is with the VK. With mine I can get nice cleans, classic rock tones reminiscent of Rush and Zeppelin, and extreme metal tones with only the use of the amp and an MXR overdrive. Your TS would fit perfectly. The only other thing you might want is a fuzz type pedal to get the psychedelic tone if you can't get it out of your TS. I'm sure other people will be able to suggest other amps that would also fit.
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Why not the AC15? The difference in price is not huge and you'll be happy to have the 12 inch speaker when you'll want to start jamming with people
In general, Vox isn't a great choice for metal. It would be great for all of the other genres that you listed. Agree with looking at the AC15 if you're going Vox. For the price of a new AC10 you can find a used AC15C1
The VOX AC10 will happily do all but metal. It will also very likely not keep up with a drummer. You need around 20w (30w to be safe) to keep up with a drummer with the amp un mic'd.

The first amp that comes to mind relative to your budget and versatility needs is a Used Peavey ValveKing 1x12 as mentioned above. You should have enough money left over to get a proper speaker replacement (Vintage 30 is fine) and also get a new set of tubes for it. Also Jet City amps will get you to the same place. +1 to a proper fuzz, maybe a tremolo or vibe pedal as well.

EDIT: Current Daily Pick at GC is a JCA 50w for $399: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Daily-Pick.gc
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Quote by Will Lane
The VOX AC10 will happily do all but metal. It will also very likely not keep up with a drummer. You need around 20w (30w to be safe) to keep up with a drummer with the amp un mic'd

I know that 15 Tube Watts will get it done - 20 and you're set.
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See if you can get Peavey Classic 30 - lots of used options and it is a great AC30 type of amp for 1/3 the price. If you're lucky you can get one of the USA made ones.

For metal I think you cna squeeze out some with overdrive in front of this type of amps (both Classic 30 and AC10) but it won't be optimal, a distortion pedal might do it though, but if you like these kinds of amps, then metal usually is not a priority. There are other amps that do better at these tones, maybe look at JSX which does the clean, crunch and high gain tones well.
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I don't think the Classic 30 is an AC30 type of amp at all. They've got the same power tubes I guess but so does a Dual Rec and a Twin Reverb. The C30 is a perfectly good amp but if you're looking for Vox sounds it's not really close. I think the Valveking is mediocre at best and not a superior option here unless you really need the headroom.

It's pretty hard to get Vox and metal out of the same amp in a serious way, but if you're only playing a bit of metal, a distortion pedal in front ought to get the job done. I also agree that the AC15 might be a stronger choice. If you're ok without a totally clean tone, the 15 will be fine for gigging (not sure about the 10, probably ok) but if you want a pristine clean at gigging volumes you may need something else.
^ yeah that's what i'd have thought. same goes for the laney vc30, which a lot of people also say is a bit voxy- I'm not convinced it is, it may well just be more marshally but with the el84s.

and yeah distortion pedal in front of a vox is probably the thing- i do that with my genz benz black pearl (which I think is voxy) and it does at a pinch if you only occasionally need that tone but if you need that tone a lot I'd look elsewhere and get something more aimed at the heavier stuff.
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