Hi. I'm not happy with the bridge on my Ibanez. It's got a SAT Pro trem like this -


but I'd like to replace it with a hardtail - something like this -


I'll need to drill new holes etc, but my main concern with this is the relative heights of the two bridges. It's difficult to work if there will be a significant difference without buying the hardtail bridge and trying it out.

Would anyone on here be able to advise if this is feasible from a height perspective?

Don't do it. Sell the guitar and buy the model you want. You'll butcher yours if you try. And that replacement isn't meant as a bridge, it's a tailpiece (subtle difference) which means it's likely got a fairly flat radius if it has one at all. Those little blocks are not proper saddles either and your note may not ring true. Then you'd also be stuck using the "fine tuning" strictly or intonation. Then what do you do about the gaping hole in the top of your guitar and is there even room to drill mounting holes for this thing.
No don't.
Moving on.....
Ah, I'm with you..... it's just the tailpiece section of the bridge, and needs the bit with the saddles on too. OK, I did think the whole operation might be a bit ambitious. Thanks
Why don't you just block the trem?
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I bought the guitar on gumtree yesterday, and they guy has already blocked the trem - I've not had the backplate off yet but due to the problems with the bridge angle when I tried to tune it up a semitone, he must have only blocked one side. I guess the easiest solution, rather than blocking the other side too, would be to just tighten the springs or add more springs, to pull it flush against the block regardless of what string gauge/tuning I use
+1 Block it!
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Add springs and block it. I normally just deck mine with 4-5 springs, no block.
Otherwise, sell it and get what you really want.
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