First of all hello everyone~

I recently decided to pick up a guitar. The first issue is that i don't know WHAT guitar (Bass or electric). I am more inclined towards bass as i /love/ the sound of i, the feel of it and most of my "role models" are bassists. I am also a Muse fanatic. However, i was discouraged by a bass player saying that i couldn't play one, mostly because i have skinny fingers (i'll give you all a picture,if i can but right now im on my phone and it seens impossible) after this, the bass player suggested that im better off on electric guitar. Electric guitar is nice and flashy and i initially didn't enjoy it much but after playing a few "trial" chords on one,it felt natural and grew up on me. Now im preparing to make my first purchase (a bass/electric guitar starter pack)

So what do you guys suggest for me?
Both in terms of which instrument i should pick up and products.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

EDIT: As for today i made up my mind and im picking bass up
Thanks everyone for the encouragement.
Still deciding on a starter bass/bass pack though
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Saying you can't play bass because of your fingers is a load of bullshit. There are a ton of options and designs to benefit a multitude of players. That being said, it always helps to try out different guitars/basses to see what you like.

Those starter packs are certainly convenient if you are on a budget (and don't quite know what to look for), but you should always consider looking used.
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I call bullshit on the skinny fingers thing. When you're younger and you happen not to have big hands yeah, it might get slightly harder than average to learn and master an instrument but I do not believe that to be a reason not to play, unless your fingers literally can't hold the string on the fret you're playing.
Also, part of getting into the world of music is being discouraged by others. Sometimes it feels like shit, specially when you're starting or before you even do so but you really should never let that make yourself stop playing your instrument.
As for the gear, I'm not an expert, but what is your budget and what is the style of music you want to play (favourite bands, etc)?
Also, I'd personally suggest starting with a guitar then later on getting a bass. I feel you can get a lot more from guitar playing then applying it to bass playing rather than starting with a bass then adding a guitar.
Yeah that's a load of bullshit,don't listen to any jag off that says you can't do something , to quote John Locke from lost "don't tell me what I can't do!"
Wow thanks everyone for the encouragement.
Preffered genres are alt. rock,hard rock and a bit of metal in there. Maybe some punk and pop on the better days.

Budget is up to ~400$
Buying used is probably what I'd recommend, -you can get a better quality instrument at an affordable price just because it's used or it has a scratch or two-, but if you feel more comfortable getting the typical starter kit guitar or bass + 15w practice amp that's good as well. The more common brands that offer starter kits are Squier, Epiphone, Washburn, Cort.
Honestly any of those are okay to begin with; don't ever feel bad when you read or hear someone say 'hurr durr, Squiers/Epiphones are such shit guitars', yes, there is a difference between a $50 Squier strat and a $12000 Fender American Standard Strat, but a good guitar or bass player can make a cheap instrument awesome, and what you're aiming for right now is that, becoming that good, skilled musician. I'd just say, for the sake of convenience, avoid the hypercheap chinese guitars (First Act, PhilPro, for example), what makes them bad is that they're made by companies that are not dedicated to make instruments, so their quality standards are way below the known cheaper brands (mentioned above, Squier, etc.) and you can get one of those known brands for about the same money than one of those cheapo chinese things.

Whichever instrument and brand you pick, if you reached your budget getting the guitar/bass+amp (which you probably should, invest as much as you have for the moment) you should spend the first weeks practicing getting used to it, then when you have the chance and a couple bucks, go to a guitar store to get it properly set up and intonated (if you decided to buy a brand new kit from a music store you should ask to try it to make sure it's well set-up and intonated and if it's not, they should be able to set it up for you at no extra charge since you're buying from them).
This is pretty important because it's horrible to start learning and when you start going past the 12th fret everything sounds a bit off even if it is in tune (which means it's not well set up/intonated/calibrated).

In case you pick guitar over bass, next step in my opinion would be getting a multi-effects pedal, in case that didn't fit within your initial budget. You can find a used one that sounds decent for an amount between $40 and $100.
The first and most important thing that I am going to say is that the size of your fingers does not matter in the slightest. There are guitarists that have learned to play with their feet. (They are armless) These people have learned to play so well that if you just heard them, you would be positive that they are playing like any normal guitarist.
Second, because of this, you shouldn't listen to somebody who is telling you that you cannot do something especially if your hands are fully functioning and you have no actual disability. If you set your mind to it, you will be able to learn just fine.
If you are actually planning to buy a bass, you should definitely go with something cheaper right off the bat. I'm telling you this because making a big investment in something that you may not continue doing later down the road is a big reason to stay on the cheap-but-playable route. I'll give you a few suggestions on where to start. I have no idea what your price range is but these websites should help:

Ibanez are decent to above average quality guitars in general. They definitely are fairly priced for any musician and even though that's the case, I linked you to the low-to-high page below.

This is a used bass that I've linked you to below. The color may throw you off but I personally like neon green and it's almost $100 making it a very small investment. It's in "excellent condition" and it's a Dean which is a trusted brand.

Below is another used Dean but this one is black just incase the neon green just isn't your thing.

Since you honestly like bass more and are influenced more by bassists. I would definitely go with bass. Seriously, don't listen to someone telling you that you can't play a certain instrument bassed off of having "skinny fingers". I am 23 years old and I'm almost 6 feet tall but I weigh about 150 pounds.. I can play bass just fine but I've been playing guitar for almost 10 years. I have zero issues with playing bass and you wouldn't be able to tell that I have skinny fingers if I recorded myself.

I hope I helped you.
Wow, I am overwhelmed by the ammount of advice and suppport,i really apreciate it <3

Sorry for not replying to anyone but yesterday i had 2 hours of sleep aaand a 9 hours flight bsck home.The killer combo.

Anyway,based on some feedback what do you guys think about these packs? I keep hearing good things about

-Epiphone toby bass performance pack
-Squier by Fender P-Bass pack
-I would include the Ibanez GSR200 jumpstart pack but its nowhere to be found where i live.Nor do other sites deliver it here. Weird.

As you can see im going for an alt/hard rock sound and i found these to suit my needs.
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As you can see im going for an alt/hard rock sound and i found these to suit my needs.

You should be fine with the Squier pack if that's what you really want. It's really preference at this point. They'll, for the most part, sound the same. They're so close in quality that you won't be able to tell a huge difference so it really is up to you. I still think you would be better off not getting any type of "bundle" or "pack" and just choosing individual products that are used online and I would help you with picking all of them out individually. As a bass player, you're going to want to play with your fingers probably. You get a smoother bass sound out of it. The reason I bring this up is that there are picks included in the Tobias Toby pack. That, the case, and the strap aren't necessities really. You CAN buy a pack but think about where you're going to be playing your bass. Are you going to leave often or will you generally always keep it in your house in your room where you can practice? If so, you'd want a guitar stand.

I'm being nit-picky for something that doesn't involve me whatsoever but that's just to help you out. This doesn't sound as flashy when you're as young as you are but used instruments, when bought from a trusted source like Guitar Center and other sites, will work absolutely fine and you end up saving a ton of money.

This is entirely up to you though and I'm hoping I gave you more things to consider.