I learned this song by hearing, since there is no correct tab about the song. It's very tricky, a true challenge so perhaps it's not perfect and they use 7 string guitars....i used my 6 string PRS (Mikael Akerfeldt signature).
Full respect to the dutch Horror metal band: Carach Angren.
Nice cover, a few little dings and dongs here n there, but overall great. Carach Angren are by far the best thing the whole black metal / extreme metal scene has seen in a long long time, I love Seregors riffs.
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Thanks man!!! Yeah, i know its not perfect..haha, was not a simple task to learn it because there is no (correct) tab about this song, so i had to learn it by hearing and this is a difficult song.
I went to Carach Angren concert the day after i made this cover, they are magnificent and i must agree, they are far the best in the black/extreme metal scene nowadays, Seregor inspire me a lot.