Does anyone know if taking a guitar outside on a humid day works well for humidifying it. It's 85 with a relative humidity of 51%. I was wondering if setting it outside in a shady area for an hour or two would be good for it.
Probably not. that level of humidity is considered about "right" for an instrument, so if the guitar has gotten dry it's not going to improve much. You'd do better to keep it in it's case with some sort of commercial or improvised humidifier.
For a couple of weeks. Takes time.
a couple hours? not likely. if you left it in 51% humidity for a week, it could show improvement. is it any less humid inside your residence?
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Bikewer I've made a home made humidifier for my case out of a zip lock bag a hole punch and a wet washcloth. Hopefully that will work. As for taking it outside, I sat outside and played guitar for about an hour and you could tell the difference. The frets felt a little sharp on the edges when I started and by the time I went inside it was noticeably better.
OK, wood for guitars is stack dried, tentatively for months under controlled conditions. Thus a couple of hours outside isn't going to do much, if anything.

I'm in Philly, and our summers get to almost the point of sub tropical, with 90+ days @ 45% RH, which goes to 80+ to saturation RH as the night cools the air. In all honesty, I can't afford to run my air, (which has been on 24/7 for the past 3 weeks) cold enough to actually hurt my guitars. We're talking T-stat settings of 78 to 79. Of course, your climate and results may vary. (I sort of judge humidity rather unscientifically, by play feel, and a visual check of how high, (or low), the action is since the last time I played an instrument.

So, you have to gauge what your conditions are overall. If the air is set at 72 or thereabouts, my first suggestion is to hand the missus the electric bill, and casually mention the only thing you'll accept for Christmas, is a new guitar, (or two).

Although a case humidifier is an excellent idea as well.
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i've heard of folks re-humidifying their guitar by leaving them in the bathroom for a while. I've never tried it though, my man cave is plenty humid enough most of the time. If your house is very dry for whatever reason, I would be thinking of ways to keep your guitar humid - like a humidifier in the case, or a cabinet with a bowl of water in it, and get a hygrometer to keep track of the humidity.
I guess I could also try the bathroom and just let it set while I take a shower. I really wasn't shitting when I said even having it outside for an hour improved the sharpness of the fret edges on the neck. I will also keep it in it's case to minimize it's exposure to the dry air.
i've heard it's a bad idea to do heavy steam in the bathroom. you could, however, humidity your bathroom for a while till maybe 65% or 70%, then put the guitar in there and close the door. repeat as needed. or run a humidifier as well as the AC. my husband used to keep his closet at 45% or so, as that's where he kept the guitar wood and some acoustics. now we just keep the entire condo humidified if needed.
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