Hi there,

New to the system, but I have been checking on this website for years to get tabs.

I have started to add some new tabs myself, and have immersed a little into the works of the "pending approval" list. Certainly the "duplicate" argument for rejection appears to be a common one, and it's more than reasonable to be on the lookout for those.

There is, however, a special case I believe. Some old tabs on this website do not respect the current standards in terms of parts' names, thorough writing of the chords, etc. and there is no telling if their author is still around to make those changes if proposed as corrections. And I would very much like to use UG as a common database without having to get to my own reconversion files if an old approved version has chords displayed for the first verse only (yes, I could also learn the song...).

So the question is this: would a submission of an existing tab updated to standard requirements be considered a duplicate? And if so, what are the solutions currently offered?


Post here with a specific tab and link.
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Tab Mods and Admins are checking UG Archive and change format to our new standard... however, there are 1 000 000 tabs and on our side we have like... 30 users =) So it takes time.
You can help us as well! we have a thread about "suggest correction" option and there is info on how you can change tabs, but I see that you've already found this thread ;-)