How can i get this tone?

for hearing clearly, listen 1:00.

Its like DROP A, right?
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It's a low quality live video shot on a cell phone. You can't really make out the tone well enough to recommend anything based on the audio from that video, might I did see a little Orange head back there. Looks like a Tiny Terror.
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I share this cuz if i share official record everybody says "its mix". :b
If u want listen clearly;
There are a lot of different ways to get a similar tone. Give us your budget and general location, and people will start making appropriate recommendations.
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Im from Turkey and if u recommened anything (specially pedal) u can say it but in this topic i wanna more focus on amp settings and guitar tuning.
Even the second video had such poor production I couldn't really hear a recognizable tone with any sort of identity. They are tuned super low and it all just sounds like mud to me. Now, before you write off those comments thinking I'm a blueswanker or something -- I listen to A LOT of extreme metal in the black metal and death metal genres. Much of it has extremely gnarly guitar tones that still sound better than the stuff you linked. It's a fine line.

An album that comes to mind for some reason is Lunar Aurora's "Zyklus." You would be hard-pressed to find an album that showcases more grim guitar tones and atmospheres. The guitars on that album just sound gnarly and grating -- yet you can hear the notes and tones clearly and it all works. Anyhow...my 2 cents.

I suppose that if you tune that low (probably in the realm of Drop A -- after a certain point it all sounds the same to me), and hit the amp with an abundance of distortion, then their tone wouldn't be that hard to achieve. If you could find a song of theirs that isn't tuned so low, it might help us narrow it down to some pedals or amps.
I don't think they have a "normal" guitar tone song. :b

Maybe this is more clearly than others. Its beginning the 1:00.
^^^Methinks Necroholocaust needs to spend a little less time trying to be "true cvlt" and focus a little more on production quality. I couldn't really even hear the guitars in that song.

Again, plenty of bands in that genre or thereabouts have a much better tone and mix quality to aspire to. And I'm still talking about guitar tones and songwriting that most people find repulsive...just, repulsive with a lot more clarity.
Dude, this genre called Bestial Black Metal. So, its no about be "kvlt". This genre is like that. If u wanna more band like that check Black Witchery, Blasphemy, Wargoat etc. So its not copy-paste like some bullshit BM bands. They are don't boost treble and spamming power chord lol.

And i hear guitar so clearly on this songs. But i don't know so much things about tones. Whatever, thanks.
Sick! A buddy got me into this band quite a few years ago. Total fucking blasphemy worship.

Honestly, most decent amps can get you this tone just put a fizzy sounding distortion in front of it and turn the treble on the pedal down while keeping the amps treble up, or the other way around. His live tone on the first video isn't the same as the albums.

KaiM, I don't think you know what you're talking about when it comes to bestial black metal and quality... Just look at the ross bay cult godfathers, Blasphemy or even the Brazilian masters, Sarcofago.
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