So I recently decided to nail guitar techniques for an hour a day at least. I found an old copy of the magazine guitar techniques (June 2009 to be exact). There is an alternate picking metal bootcamp excersise set in there. The whole article features 10 different scale runs with a 32nd note sextuplet rhythm. All alternate picking. They should all be mastered to 120 bpm.

Now I was wondering, what is the best way to do this? Should I learn them all at the same time? Or should I master each specific run at 120 bpm before moving on to the next? The feel in the fingers is way different for each excersise, but the speed is the same. The way I build speed is the 2 bpm bump and then 1 bpm sag. I try to stay somewhat consistent in the amount of times I have to perform an excersise cleanly in a row before bumping up and sagging down.
well if you want to practice at an hour a day I suggest NOT doing 10 different scales. Pick 2 or 3 and focus on getting those down before moving on to the next few. Better to focus on a few things and nail them than a hundred and master nothing.