pretty much a downgrade in alot of ways, the new sound plugins dont play octaves at 1 or lower, the bar with all the effects to do anything is gone with no obvious way to get it back, the mixer completely downgraded and less convenient along with many other similar things, the ringing out notes are strange and dont work nearly as good as before, the plugin for the old sounds im guessing, what it is, is completely different now as in completely downgraded, almost every note i heard on this update has been clipping and is really annoying, i know this is an older update but i think it is the newest one available, the program is nice tho and some stuff on the update is enjoyable but way less convenient and less proper compared to 1.2 version, many sounds are way off level from when loaded in 1.3.2 the timing for the play seems to be off but im not really sure, maybe just used to the old version . Also / used to be shortcut for triplets, now there is no shortcut even available for such a feature, little things like this made it seem like a downgrade, soloing tracks is alot less convenient aswell and because of the badly upgraded ring out feature, im guessing, is the reason when soloing a track other than drums, during playback the last note played keeps ringing out even tho it shouldnt and never did in 1.2
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You say that as if TuxGuitar had anything to offer in the first place.
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