Hi all,

recently I've bought a Dark Lord roundwound strings set (.175, .135, .105, .85) for my bass guitar and I can't pull the thickest string through the bridge hole. (standard top load bridge for 4 strings)

The only two solutions that I've got are: a) widening the bridge hole; b) replacing the bridge.

a) How can I do it myself? What tools should I use? What should I consider?
Or should I let it be done by a technician?

b) What bridge models do you recommend? What search phrases should I use on the internet to find suitable bridges?
What kind of bass is it?
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JB8 Vision 4 string long scale (34"), the cheapest I could find. I intend to use it for experimental purposes.
I don't know what is the bridge made of, it is slightly magnetic - tested with a screwdriver
Trying to drill it (with the screwdriver) had no effect.