Hey guys,
I'm really sorry, if this was already discussed once, but I'm new here and really don't have the time to look through all the threads in this forum.

So I've played acoustic for several years and wnt to get electric again. For the guitar I have decided to get a Squier Affinity Tele which is 199 euros (about 220$). Now I'm looking for an amp and I'm not really sure which one to get. I have a budget of about 100-130 euros (150$) and will probably mostly play Punk-Rock and Alternative-Rock, so I will not play with a clean sound too much but also don't need the full metal distortion. I also mostly use it as a practice amp at home or maybe jamming with friends, as I (sadly) don't play in a band (yet).

I've researched a bit and these are the amps in my shortlist:

VOX Pathfinder 15R (probably my favourite right now): I know, that they don't produce the amnymore, but I can get a used one for about 90 bucks. I love the warm sound, the light 70s crunch and it just looks gorgeous. Do you think that I can get a nice heavier distortion if I get a pedal additionally?

Fender Frontman: I can get this one in a bundle with the Tele (https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_affinity_tele_set_bb.htm) but when I researched I found a lot of negative criticism toward this amp. Many thought, that the distortion channel didn't sound too good. So would it work out better with a pedal?

Marshall MG15CF (https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_affinity_tele_set_bb.htm): I know, that this one will definitely fulfill my needs in distortion, but I didn't find the tone quite as warm and pleasing as the VOX. You also never get a really clean sound, which I guess would be better for using pedals (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty new to dealing with amps and stuff)

If you made it this far: Thanks for reading through my novel
If you have got any additional ideas, I'd be happy to hear them!
Nxels I just realized, that a) the links don't work and b) I posted the same link twice ... Sorry for that
I had a Frontman for a while - they are great for a good SS Clean Tone, but it ends there - I wouldnt recommend one. Stay away from the MG's as anything but Practice Amps, which is what you stated, so if you go this route - rock on!

Folks here will probably recommend a used Peavy Vyper, or a Fender Mustang - I'll toss in the Orange Micro Terror (but may bust your $$ bubble).

My advice is simple, get whatever you like, but know that you will want a decent Tube Amp eventually, the call cannot be understated, it beckons to us all.
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Jonny Ryan Mac Hey, thanks for the quick response. I know that I will have to get a better (tube) amp someday, especially as I'm planning to start a band, but right now, I'm just a poor student who wants to play electric again .

The Micro terror seems really nice, but I think I'll go with a combo, as I can't afford to get a box right now.

I don't think I'd need a modelling amp like the Peavy or Fender Mustang, as I think I won't use too many of the effects when I have found "my sound". But of course they are still an option if they sound nice and are not too expensive. Just because you can use all the features doesn't mean you have to right?
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You know if you're just looking for versatility and volume - a Peavey Bandit wouldn't be a bad call. They are good little combos and I've seen a few of them on teh live scene too. I knew a country player that had one and I really enjoyed his sound. He had a lot of pedals.
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That's the thing: I don't necessarily need too much versatility. I'd rather get an honest, simple amp that is good in what it's doing than one which can do everything a bit. Or is that a completely wrong thought towards modeling amps?
Some people love Modeling Amps - I did when I was starting out. Things change, and I just got tired of the options. The bandit is a one-trick Solid State (SS) Peavey - it's just versatile IMO because you can play it just about anywhere - bedroom, stage, etc. It's plenty Loud enough. I think they were 100w amps - and a small little 1x12 combo to boot. When you're buying SS you might as well get 75w or more, in the off hand chance that you have to gig with it. Nothing dynamically changes with volume adjustments until you hit SS Clipping.

I'd say based on what you've said, steer clear of anything other than a single speaker with as few knobs as possible.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204
Hmm. For the genres you have listed, a single-coil Tele is maybe not the most ideal. A guitar with a humbucker will give you somewhat a more aggressive tone with distortion with the humbucker selected, and also the humbucker cancels out noise that can get really prevalent with high-distortion tones. So something like this may be better for you: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/squier-affinity-stratocaster-hss-electric-guitar

The single coils are the small bars in the middle of the guitar body, the humbucker is the bigger one towards the bottom (which looks like two single coils right beside each other). Either way, I think it would be very important to get a proper set up on whatever guitar you get. Squiers and other cheaper guitars are notorious for having bad factory setups, and that can be very discouraging.

As far as the amp goes, $150 USD is not a lot to work with. I do not suggest any of those amps you listed, though. You can find used Peavey Bandits (112's or 1x12's) all day for that range. Also try "Peavey Transtube" in your searching. But, I can't believe I am going to save this, you can find Line 6 Spiders for VERY cheap and with a good amount of usable features. Given their dirt cheap price (especially used), they may be a good option for you. However, in your price range I do not think are not going to find any amp that does anything "good". Neither the Transtube/Bandit units (at least in this price range) or the Spider would I classify as having a usable, professional tone. But for practicing, jamming, learning? I would say they would work.

I recommended the Spider because they are cheap- $150 is not a lot to work with, and you would probably benefit more from saving your money until you can afford something more worthwhile, something you will not grow out of as quick. So I suggest to get a solid guitar first, and a small inexpensive amp to hold you over.
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Nothing wrong with the Pathfinder, the best of the bunch you listed for sure. The Vox Valvetronix series are another good one. You may feel as if you don't need the extra features, and you may never touch them, but I'm a big fan of modelling to start off with. It gives you a rough approximation of what different things sound like and it will possibly aim you in the right direction later if and when you decided to upgrade.

The Peavey Vypyrs, as mentioned, are solid. Roland Cubes are nice as well.

I would recommend that you try for an amp with a 12" speaker. For these little practice amps, it helps a ton to have just a bit bigger speaker, most I have tried warm up considerably when you try out the models with the 12" as opposed to 10" or 8".
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it's a good while since i tried mine (and i got rid of it so I can't try it again ) but I don't remember the pathfinder (i had the non-reverb version) taking pedals all that well. it does sound very good if you like its tone (without pedals) though. but definitely on the lower gain side of things.
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For the Punk/ Alt music you favor:

Yes >> Vypyr, Valvetronix, Pathfinder, Cube, Bandit, Vibro Champ.

No>> Marshall MG, Frontman, Spider

A Tele is "the ticket".
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