Hello everyone

I'm completely new to bass guitars and looking to buy one with a budget of £250 for oi/punk genre, old and new, bands such as cock sparrer, undertones, 999, lurkers, last resort, booze and glory, old firm casuals, rude pride (particularly beautiful bass sound, listen to song such as Hated and Rejected by them), lion's law, perkele, etc. I searched solely by the brand (with aim on precision pickups) and what would seem to be the best 2 I could find in my price range were: ESP LTD B-10 and Yamaha TRBX174.

My question is, are these 2 suitable for the genre I'm going to be playing and if so, which one of the 2 should I go for? In any case I'm completely of the track can someone point me to right direction, considering my budget?

Ta for your advises
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So, when people say Punk, most often, everyone is going to suggest a Precision type bass. However, after a bit of a listen to Rude Pride, you may want to look more in the Jazz bass family-- a tone first popularized by Klaus Flouride of the Dead Kennedys.

From the pickup configuration, the Yamaha would be better, though I have not played one myself. I've never been a big fan of the ESP basses from a playing and tone perspective

Also, you might want to see if you can pick up a used Fender VM Jazz or P/J bass somewhere--it would also suit your requirements as well.
get a used p bass, although a jazz bass can do good too. the crunchy p bass's pickup gives it that greasy shooting sound you need for punk though.
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Hey guys

Anarkee - I had the same feel after listening to Rude Pride, even though I don't know much about bass guitars, the sound on that one didn't fit what I would expect from precision I'll try contacting the band themselves to see what the bassist has actually got.

I looked for 2nd hand fender basses online in my price range but without much luck. Do you have in mind ''Squier'' Fender VM Jazz and P/J bass? People's comments on Squier have somewhat put me off from getting one.

Strobber - Thanks for the tip mate.
I checked out me of their videos--it's definitely a bass will jazz pickups. On the VM P/Js. Lower end squiers can be dodgy but the Vintage modified series are solid. I have a P/J as a backup bass and the tone and playability are great. With the pickup configuration you can dial in a nice approximation of the classic punk punch from the precision side and still dial in the more modern tone. This is not your typical Affinity bass that many complain about. You'll hear some nice reviews on the Vinatge modified series from people on this forum.
Anarkee, I've done the same actually =D and as you said, it's def jazz. After pausing on the video, I believe you can even see it's a Fender one. Thanks for all your help and advise man, I will check out the VM P/J in that case
if it means anything, I have an affinity squier made in indonesia, and even though its supposed to be near the lower end of the market, it plays great and sounds wonderful. the vintage series is a more reliable choice though
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