Got a pallet from work today and am going to make a "A-ok" pedalboard. Was looking for any tips or suggestions in regards to the design and ideas. I have many years experience in framing/roofing/carpentry so all the safety issues are covered.

This is not going to be my keeper board, I am moving to another contract in 2 months and am going to sell/gift this so I am not putting a pro jaw dropping amount of perfection into this. Just a solid board that works, and doesn't give me splinters.

I am going to be running only about 6-7 pedals at the moment. Ernie ball volume, boss compressor, boss tuner, 2 danelectro cool cat pedals, an EHX memory man delay, and a digitech reverb. I have a power brick in the mail and am running a ispot power daisy chain. Plan on attaching the block on the underside of the board.

I'm going to carpet the planks and velcro the pedals. Purchased two steel handles for each side, and am planning a sitting angle of 20-25 degrees. Lastly,giving it a 60 grit sandjob, rounding the hard edges, and just using some rattle can clearcoat.

So, any suggestions or ideas for me before I begin?
I once did a pedal board based on an IKEA shelf which cost about a £5. I gave it away a while back. This instructables was my inspiration for it http://www.instructables.com/id/Guitar-Pedal-Board-UNDER-40/ I did a few things a bit different but it turned out pretty well really!
Obvious things that just go overlooked because silly:

Make sure you have enough room for the underside to house the PSU.

Size the board with your pedals, taking into account the space patch cables and PSU cables will take up.

If you are running patch cables underneath the board (Pedaltrain style), make sure there is enough room between the slits to allow the plug to pass through.
Well it is done more or less. I used it tonight at rehearsal(got some compliments). I will take some pictures tomorrow when I have more energy. I zip-tied the carpet sections just to get a feel for how it would work/look and screw it I may just leave them instead of stapling it to the board not sure yet. Had to cut a slice in the mid board for cables and lines but it went quite well. Only real problem that isn't so much of a problem is a bit of a wobble when certain pedals are tapped. I just need to try and even the bottom or get some kind of adjustable feet and just screw them in. My power brick and last two pedals should be here in a few days so I will post the final product when all is installed and setup. Thanks for the helps!

As an aside, I am really digging the volume pedal tuner out. I can check my tuning/intonation at anytime sometimes in the middle of the song when playing those open notes. It's the small things but I really like it.
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I'd look into staining it with teek or something, stained wood looks awesome
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Anthony1991 This is giving me some experience for when I can make my 'keeper'. I do a lot of traveling with my job and this is going to stay behind. Still have some more to do before its done. Was trying to decide the best proper way to secure the carpet on the planks. thinking heavy staples/glue or something else. The wood is only 5/8 thick so its got to be short fasteners.