Hey! I'm looking for a good Wah for Metallica like solos and stuff. I have been looking at KH95,Dimebags Crybaby from hell , zakk wyldes wah and slash's wah.

I want a wah that can handle high gain and does not have a really ''dark tone'' .Come with suggestions Thanks!
ZW's Dunlop Wah would be one of my first choices for what you described - and of course the Kirk Hammit Signature should do you well. I'd look at the Dunlop Mini Wah, and the Fulltone Clyde Wah. A Morley Bad Horsie could get dark, and with the optical pot you never have to worry about changing a pentometer, (although it is easy and fun!)
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more to wah's then Dunlop/Crybaby's. personally I use Morley wahs and have had much better luck with them. try a Morley Power Wah as that works very well with high gain and certainly isn't dark. no pot to wear out and since the activation switch is on the side you can park the wah at any setting and kick it on for that tone which comes in handy.
fulltone clyde
The new John Petrucci wah is supposed to be really good. No personal experience with it though.
Can second the Fulltone Clyde as well. Great pedal.