Hi, I'm new to the forum so my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.

I play guitar at home first going through a zoom 8080 effects board, then through my boss rc30 looper and then into my Marshall valvestate amp. I plug my mic into my rc30 too via a muting footswitch . This works well for what I need but i'd like to be able to loop my guitar without the vocals being looped as well. I intend to get a second mic which can be joined into the signal after the RC30 and before the amp, so one mic can loop my backing vocals and beat boxing (which can be muted via my footswitch when not needed), with a separate mic for my main vocals. The amp only has a single input, and I know combining the vocals and guitar and the loops through one channel isn't ideal but as I'm only playing to myself in my bedroom I'm happy with this setup. My issue is adding the new mic and being able to set the levels. I'm sure there must be a little box on the market that can do this but I haven't found one yet, preferably something the size of a foot pedal. Can anybody recomend a product for my needs? I'm limited on space so really don't want a small mixer, just something I can stick on the floor, plug my guitar lead (from the looper output) into it, a mic xlr into it, and a 1/4 guitar lead out of it into my amp with just a couple of dials on top to set levels for the guitar feed and mic feed.

Sorry if I have repeated myself a bit, just wanted to describe everything as accurately as possible.

Thanks in advance

A mixer is what you need, although you're right it only needs two channels (with a single mono output). A quick google suggests this will do the job:

Notice the one bad review complains it's mono - but that's what you need! Most 2-channel mixers out there are stereo (for DJs), and more expensive too.
(BTW it has RCA sockets, so you'll need adapters for your 1/4" jacks.)

Then again, this 4-channel one is even cheaper - and you never know when you might want 2 more channels!
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jongtr Thanks, it is the sort of thing i'm after but specifically I'm looking for one with a balanced mic input, plus the quarter inch guitar input and mixed output. I've looked on ebay, Amazon, gak and a few other musical instrument websites with no joy. The closest I have found are guitar interfaces which have a couple of inputs, but as these are designed to connect to a computer as well for recording etc, they are very pricy. Seems pointless paying over a hundred pounds for one, when I could buy another RC30 that would do the job at that price. I'm sure I can't be the only person wanting to do this and that there must be products on the market for this job specifically, it only needs to be a simple passive mixer which I would expect to come in around the £30 mark although I would be prepared to spend more. It's the input connection types that are difficult to find, many with quater inch jack only, or xlr jack only, but none with one of each and a quarter inch out.

I'm not a fan of using adaptors, I would rather find a product that has the right connections to begin with, but thanks again for the help.
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OK, it's that balanced (XLR) input you need that's the problem. You don't have an alternative mic lead, with a 1/4" jack? That's what I use at home - I have an XLR for live use. (Ie my mic - Shure SM58 - has an XLR connector, but I have two different leads, one with a 1/4" at the other end.) No noticeable difference in quality.
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I haven't brought the second mic yet so could get one with a quarter inch lead, except that where I'm limited on space, all my kit us in close proximity with each other (mic stand right next to amp, with pedals right in front), signal and power cables are very close too (though I'm keeping them apart as best I can), using an unbalanced mic lead would most likely pick up a lot of interference and cause an annoying hum, it seems like a compromise too far.
AFAIK, the issue of noise interference is only an issue when the cable gets long (over 4-6 metres). If your environment is as cramped as you say, you only need a short cable, and I doubt very much an unbalanced one would be an issue. My own unbalanced cable is 20ft - borderline risky for unbalanced - and I've never had problems with it. I also tend to work in a quite cramped recording set-up at home, not unlike yours (everything within reach from my seat!).

Have you tried the Recording board? They'll probably have better tech knowhow: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=40
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jongtr Thanks, you convinced me. I have just brought a beringer MX400 micro mixer (4 channel), a cheap mic with integral switch to use as my looper mic that can be turned off, a double holder attachment for my mic stand, a second mic clip, and a 3m xlr to quarter inch jack cable which I will use on my existing shure sm58 for main vocals (just realised as I type this my error in buying a 3m lead thinking it needed to go down the mic stand to the mixer on the floor, where in reality I will use an xlr cable to my muting footswitch and only need a patch length cable from that to the mixer, guess I'll just shorten it when it comes), all for £42 delivered through Gear4music. My only concern is the the cheap £10 mic but a shure sm58s is quite dear, time will tell, may replace it later. (My other sm58 isn't switched as I made a floor mute pedal for it but don't want to make another as running out of floor space as I have too many pedals. As my zoom 8080 can switch the amp channel onto overdrive I like to be able to mute the mics to prevent feedback, so a switched mic on the looper is ideal). Only mention all this in case anyone else is interested in my setup. Thanks again for all your help guys.