(I originally posted this on TalkBass, but I didn't get a reply and their CB&C threads are slow, so fuck 'em )

Here's the thing.
I have a SBMM Ray5 and it sounds and plays fantastic (for certain things, it totally thrashes my Dingwall), however it weighs an absolute ton (probably 50% more than my Ray4, which is odd) and has quite a bit of neck dive.

I know that replacing the tuners with something not made from a collapsed star will make a bit of a difference, but it's probably not worth putting top of the range Hipshot Ultralites on such a cheap bass.

Do any of you have any recommendations for those of us with a lighter wallet?

Current tuner specs:
Tuner hole diameter - 17.4mm (approx)
Actual tuner shaft diam - 13.8mm (approx)
Weight - 80g (approx (probably more because my kitchen scales are quite ancient))

p.s. I have to be able to get them fairly easily in the UK and ideally, they'd be available in a 4+1 set or be individual (or something)