I'll try to make this short.

-bought a really cheap used Ibanez RG7321 before I actually get a good quality 7. ($160 ain't bad right?)
-Drop Ab tuning, but 25.5" scale and having problems getting a good low Ab.
-This is the set I have:
.010 - Eb - 14.45 lbs
.013 - Bb - 13.71 lbs
.017 - Gb - 14.77 lbs
.026 - Db - 16.38 lbs
.036 - Ab - 16.96 lbs
.046 - Eb - 15.07 lbs
.062 - Ab - 12.35 lbs

I tried this tuning with my 6 string, with a low 0.064, and it feels and sounds the same. Not really loose as you'd think with the low tension, but there's barely any definition in conjunction with the 3rd string octave and the 5th. Harmonic overtones muddle the note and power chords sound slightly weird and not very defined.

I went from a .064 on my 6 string to this .062 on my new 7 and they both do this on both guitars. They just don't sound clear and only single note passages sound good.

I just bought a .068 to even out the tension so it'd look like this

010 - Eb - 14.45 lbs
.013 - Bb - 13.71 lbs
.017 - Gb - 14.77 lbs
.026 - Db - 16.38 lbs
.036 - Ab - 16.96 lbs
.046 - Eb - 15.07 lbs
.068 - Ab - 14.69 lbs

The string hasn't come in the mail yet, but would that thicker string solve my problems? I figured the bigger it was, the less defined it would sound, but the tension almost evens out with it.

Or is a note that low just not good for a 25.5"?
Could stock pickups be the whole problem? I've never used anything other than stock pickups before, and I'm wondering if something designed for a tuning that low would clear up the harmonic overtones and weird muddiness.

any help is appreciated.
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I use a .011 to .070 set for my RG7321 in G#/Ab. I like a lot of tension on the strings, so .010 to .068 might be good for you.
The stock pickups aren't great either of course.
I K0nijn I
I bought a single 0.068 and the difference is unbelievable. It stays in tune so much better, and all my power chords ring out in perfect tune.

It's crazy because I've seen people suggest a 0.059 for a low Ab on a 25.5". There's no way.
khmcassoc i love NYXL, so ill buy a light hybrid pack, and a separate low A string, but the la bella pack is a cheaper /simpler option 
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