There´s a used ST-100A head priced to sell on offer but I can hardly find any info on the amp.
One of the known problems with them is a tendency toward overheating. It's nothing that can't be solved relatively easily, but it puts people off.

Like most any amp, some people swear by them, some swear at them...
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The B-52 amps came out in the mid-late 2000's and were one of that huge wave of "budget" tube amps coming around at the time (which also included Bugera at the time). The overheating problem is real, I have a friend who had one of those for awhile.

With the cheaper tube amps, they are a good way to get started in repairing/modifying/maintaining said equiptment. I sure learned a lot getting my first run 333XL to last this long.
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I got a used B-52 AT-100 about 4 or 5 years ago, then bought the matching cab. I like it quite a lot, and got a lot of use out of it, but I've been meaning to sell it for a while. Definitely a good amp, I just want a 2x12 combo or something that's easier to carry around.

No idea about the ST-100A, but the reviews look good.

edit: about the overheating - I have noticed that after playing for a good while it does get pretty toasty, but I don't think it's cause any problems. What sorts of problems do you expect to run in to due to overheating? I've just had to change the tubes once, and then one time I had a problem with crackly sounding low volume that was fixed by cleaning out the tube sockets.
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If over-heating is caused by the transformer repeated prolonged use cause could result in a transformer failure. Maybe it's just the tubes or something, so it's probably not a big problem. I do know from experience, however, that needing a replacement transformer sucks. If you're lucky it would cost you $300 for the part and labour.
There's a fan kit for them and it doesn't hurt to point a small external fan at the back if you have the space. All tube amps run warm (hot) due to the fact that they use tubes, but the B52's seemed to have more than their fair share of problems with overheating. They were also often biased far hotter than necessary, which tended to get things cooking as well.

Don't get me wrong, they aren't a "bad" amp, they just have a few things that it helps to be aware of.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
Thanks guys. I guess I´ll refrain from buying it. I have enough amps anyhow.
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