There's a problem I noticed recently.I've developed a bluesy david gilmour style of playing (not exactly like him ofc) while that may seem like it's not a problem but the thing is I can't seem to get out of that "style". It doesn't always suit the jam/song/riff etc., sometimes I come up with a nice heavy riff and loop it and when I start jamming with it, it just comes naturally and I start playing bluesy/david gilmour stuff.It really gets on my nerves sometimes.

So what do you think ?

Start learning new modes and scales ?

Learning new licks,techniques and songs of other guitarists of different style ?

Or thats not a bad thing to have my own style and stick with it ?
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I think, I would be thrilled. Bluesy David Gilmour? yeah I'll take some of that.
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Sounds like you figured out what your style is. Run with it.
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98NOCheck out some other styles just to round out your playing. A lot of blue-style players struggle with tunes built from major scale ... try that as a challenge. And on the blues front, check out Robben Ford or early Larry Carlton (before he became a lot bluesier, ... e.g. Room 335), or even John Schofield. They all bring different aspects. Or go back a ways, and listen to Charlie Parker or Sonny Stitt or Stanley Turrentine (all great sax players) ... check the phrasing used.
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If you want to play a different way, play different music and think about what you can learn from it. Then stop thinking about it, and practice it. You'll play the way you practice playing.
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The guitar doesn't play itself, it only does what you're telling it to do. If you want to play something else then play something else - sounds like you've gotten into the habit of just playing on autopilot and are letting your fingers fall into familiar, well-drilled positions rather than thinking about what it is you want to play and actively trying to create it.
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The quickest way to break out of that is to learn solos from players who avoid blues completely - like radiohead or work on players that don't bend notes - check out some funk solos from Grant green ( sookie sookie) and Wes montgomery - those approaches will help you stop relying on your usual approach.

Gypsy and Latin guitar styles are devoid of blues generally and bands like megadeth and testament avoid it quite a bit.

You really should try to find a player that reflects generally the direction you want to head to and then start learning.
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Stop worrying so much about it and just let what comes out, come out Everyone hits little ruts and stuff like that, don't worry about it so much, just go with the flow. If you're struggling to make something fit just try and approach it from a different angle, I doubt you listen to just Gilmour.
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Simple, don't force yourself to anything, just listen to a lot of different music and when you hear the next song that you like, learn to play it. If it contains a different style than yours, then you will adapt some of it. For me, that is the only legit way of expanding your guitar vocabulary. If you just keep playing the music that you like to listen to, then you know that the style you ended up with is right for you. No need to learn Dragonforce style if that's not what you like to listen.