Considering buying an E-II, but I feel like I won't get that much money for it if I sell it simply because it's an E-II and not an ESP Standard, even though it's the same guitar.

If I bought an ESP E-II Eclipse and kept it in excellent condition do you think I'd be able to sell it for above $1000?
what do they go for used on ebay? that will answer your ? check the finished sales and see what the average is.
E-II guitars don't have a good resale value. They're a steal for the buyer though. I picked up my E-II Horizon for $700 used and it goes for $1700 new. As from what I've seen though if you sold it would between $900-$1000
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There are some personal owned E-II Eclipses on Reverb for $1000 - $1100 now. New they are $1600 - $1700

That ratio seems higher than a 50-60% resale number for many other guitars.

Don't expect to make a profit or to break even buying new and then reselling later.
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Consider for a moment that I got my ESP NT7 for roughly $400. Deal of the century to be sure, but like, they go in the same range.
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Well if you're worried about the resale value, why not let someone else take the depreciation hit and buy used?
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