Hi: Have had an Epiphone Les Paul Standard for about 6 months. I'm having trouble creating vibrato on it. Have a Fender that I have no problem with vibrato. Vibrato on the Epiphone ceases very quickly. Am I "choking" it to death? Pressing too hard on the string? Not on or too much on a metal fret?

If the note is choking, something is killing the energy in the string. If the guitar is properly setup, then there's something in your technique with that guitar that's causing problems. The most likely being that you are releasing the string (taking pressure off holding it down). And that could come from too heavy gauge strings, or too high action. The more these come into play, the more you need to introduce supporting fingers to the fretting finger, and the more you need to use your bigger muscles (wrist, forearm).

Another possibility is thet finger tip is flattening down, so more of the finger print area is coming into play on the fretboard, and hence reducing the pressure at the tip to hold the string down properly during the vibrato. This can be exacerbated at the frets near the body.

Check out http://www.ambaedu.com/shaun-baxter-guitar-techniques/ for an excellent video on vibrato. This guy is a top player in the UK.

Does a fretted note ring clean and take a long time to die away, without using vibrato?

Is the problem everywhere, or just at certain frets (or range of frets)?

Same gauge strings and action as other guitars?

Same fret wire height and width?
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what fender is it?
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