I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm doing some covers for my soundcould and I'm trying to get a backing track for Buckethead's Jordan, and I've seen it on guitarbackingtrack.com and I want to know if using this site is Legal or Illegal. Thanks in advance for every one!
If these backing tracks are not the original audio then no it isn't illegal, at least not in the UK.

If you were to take the original song, play over it and upload it to Soundcloud, you will likely receive an automated DMCA to get it taken down. The original audio is copyrighted, which makes uploading it to Soundcloud without permission illegal.

If these backing tracks were made by someone from scratch where they played/programmed a backing track for the song for others to use then you can upload it to Soundcloud with no issues.

Fact is even if your track gets taken down due to copyright the worst that can happen is you make the same mistake twice and they suspend your Soundcloud account.
You could always just use someone's drum cover from YouTube or something
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