I didn't know how to address this, and there may be already a discussion about this. If you know any archived discussions please link them!

Here's the tab I would like to post on UG: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/masaaki-kishibe-miracle-mountain-tab-s268420t0

Before I start hand type/scribing the tab, I need to first:
1. Say that this is not my tab, but this person's "________"
2. Put down the website where the tab was taken from (in this case, songsterr.com)

I'm planning on tabbing the whole thing using my keyboard, and share it on UG so other's can view the tab without scrolling through the tab.
Anything I need to be concerned about?

I don't think you needs be concerned about legal repercussions. It would be a decent act to credit the original transcriber up front as you've already suggested, however.
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If the tabs are allowed to share, yes, why not?
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Thank you for your humble replies, emad & Minderbinder!
I am gladly convinced that what I'm doing is fine and that I should continue tabbing the rest of it.
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