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Hi guys,

new to this forum. I have a dillema between these two multi-fx. Which is better sounding for use directly to guitar amp? I'm not interested in amp simulations becouse I'm running it into Princeton Reverb. Mainly OD/DT and effects like delay, reverb, chorus.. Also I heard some plople say that GT 10 is even better sounding. The price difference is small..

as far as overdrive and distortion goes, i am generally more of a fan of the line 6 HD stuff as opposed to boss. as far as the mod/time based effects, its a closer race.
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If you just want fx I'd suggest a good stand-alone dirt box and a Line 6 M5 or M9. The M9 has a looper and you can control 3 fx at a time and have 6 cued up (3 rows to toggle between 2 fx each, you can cue up any effect in any order, very easy to use). It sounds great, no mfx tint or tone suck, its perfect for an fx loop.

You may find the interface on the GT unnecessarily cumbersome, if I were you I wouldn't bother due to all the excess.
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The interface on the GT-100 is much easier to drive than the GT-10. It's actually really easy to program.
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