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First of all, sorry for posting this repetitive topic, I am sure you get this question a lot, but after reading the "How to buy an acoustic. What guitar is right for you?" and some other topics (using search) I still could not find the information I am looking for.

A little about me: I am 31 years old, have relatively long fingers, have been playing the piano for few years.

I am looking to spend 180-200USD on an entry level guitar.

My first pick was the Fender CD-60, but reading this forum I got discoureaged from buying it, supposedly it is overpriced for what it is. Others I have looked at include Yamaha F-370DW, Cort Earth Grand, Epiphone PRO-1.

So I plan to go to a store and listen to a few of these before choosing, but since I have no knowledge on the subject, I do not know which of them are beginner friendly, yet not so cheap that one would outgrow it in a year or two.

Please share your opinion on the above and recommend me other guitars that, in your opinion, would benefit me the most.
Well, long fingers or otherwise, most guitars in that price range have a 1 11/16" wide nut. If you think finger length might be a problem, you'll have to up the ante a bit. Wide nuts are getting scarcer and scarcer. A trip to a music store, Guitar Center at the Mall (?), or maybe even Best Buy, and a quick trial should sort that out for you.

Our most often recommended guitar in that price range is the Yamaha FG-700S. I think Yamaha is redoing their line, as it's on sale everywhere for about $170.00. Musician's Friend is out of those, but they still have the FGX-700 cutaway acoustic electric version @ $245.00. (Down from a MAP of $300.00) So that's a bargain. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/?source=3WWRWXGT&gclid=Cj0KEQjw_eu8BRDC-YLHusmTmMEBEiQArW6c-C4Y6iJHQjU0l690Wdsg-acITgpBkmkA-HfZM1k3m7YaAiVy8P8HAQ&kwid=13302329401x7142620580x143913860

If you want a larger "dreadnought" body, you could try looking toward Cort or Epiphone. I'm not familiar with Cort's line, but the Epis don't really come into their own until about $330.00. Long story, more later if necessary.

Well, some of Fender's current line sounds decent, I think the Fender CD-140 might cut it for you. As an acoustic it's 200 on the nose. It's also available with either a solid spruce or a solid mahogany top. Hog has a different sound from the spruce. Some people swear by it.

The Fender CD-60 is mahogany also, but the top is laminated. I haven't heard anything really good about hardwood laminates in the context of acoustic guitar. In fact, more often than not, they sound like s***.

The Seagull S-6 "Original" has the wide nut, and everybody loves them, but unfortunately, and even as an acoustic only, it's double the price of your highest bid
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Thank you.

I should have specified that I live in the EU, specifically Hungary. I saw the Yamaha FG-700S recommended often, however it costs 300USD here which is why I did not even list it in the "maybe buy" category.
AndrasL How are Fender's prices over there? Because that CD-140 (with either top), might do it for you. If you have better buys, or simply what's available to you, I'm sure everybody would be willing to look them over.
Fender CD-140 goes for around 270 usd. Like the Yamaha FG-700S, it is a little over budget. Are these guitars much better than the entry levels listed above? If so, I can do something about the budget.
Do you play or, are you just starting? A mistake often made is getting a guitar that you end up not liking because it is too difficult to play because cheaper guitars tend to have higher action ( distance between the strings and fretboard ) The best thing is to try as many guitars as you can, if you don't play yet then ask the salesperson to play it for you so you can "listen" to it. Once you check a few brands and styles of guitars then check back here with your findings of which appeal most to you then "we" can maybe further advise you on what to consider as a good purchase. You should also take into consideration that what one person likes another doesn't, but, you'll be able to narrow your choices down with (hopefully) recommendations from the good folks here. One little bit of advice - do not hurry yourself or get pressured into buying anything until you are comfortable with the purchase.
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That's a good point, and indicates to me that you should budget for a set up and not be too discouraged if a guitar doesn't feel good. - It can usually be fixed, and many of us do our own set ups, I suppose there is more likelihood of an inexpensive guitar being poorly set up than a more expensive one, but it can happen at any price point.
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AndrasL I looked over your Cort & Epiphone ideas.

The only drawback I can see with the Cort "Grand Earth", is its lack of body binding. It does have a solid top, so it would appear Cort has scaled back almost all bling to bring you a better basic guitar.

As far as the Epiphone "Pro 1" goes, the pure acoustic version is a laminated top. That model though, is specifically aimed at beginners with very low "action", along with very light strings. That helps with getting into the steel string flat top, but does rob some some tone, mostly some bass.

For some strange reason, Epiphone has chosen to offer, a solid top, electronics, and the cutaway as the step up package.

Basically, what Epiphone is trying to do with the "Pro 1" series, is offer experienced players a fast playing acoustic which they can "show off with", and beginners an easier on the fingers introduction to the acoustic guitar.

My opinion of that is this, buy the electro-acoustic versions any ANY Epiphone model, or don't bother. (That's just my approach, and it's definitely a "for what it's worth").

With that said, the least expensive Epis, the Dr-100, now DR-150 models, appear to have many happy fans. However, in that ($100.00 USD range), quality control can be a bit iffy.

Your musical experience however, leads me to believe you might be a bit more critical of a truly low end laminated top instrument, as soon as the novelty of its newness wears off.

So, I'm going to say thew Cort model appears to be the better buy for you. You can always use lighter strings than it ships with, which is after all, pretty much what Epiphone is doing on the "Pro 1".

One caveat though, Cort makes absolutely no mention of an, "adjustable truss rod", in relation to any of their acoustic guitars. It's quite odd to me they wouldn't use that as a strong selling point. (Every other maker does so). Accordingly, I'd want to verify an adjustable truss rod was in the Cort I would be buying.

You could likely scoot them an email about it. http://www.cortguitars.com/uk/product/earth-grand-limited-edition

Epiphone "Pro 1 Ultra": http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Acoustic/Electric/PRO-1-Ultra.aspx

Epiphone "Pro 1" : http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Acoustic/PRO-1.aspx
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Thank you guys, I absolutely plan to go and listen to some of the guitars above, but wanted to make sure I am on the right track first.
Cort, Crafter, LAG, Tanglewood, Vintage, Yamaha. All make good quality guitars and are widely available throughout Europe.
AndrasL Ibanez artwood ac240, beautiful tone, low action, fairly wide neck.
Thank you for the support! I went to a guitar store and listened to a number of guitars in my price range. I chose a second hand Cort Earth 70, because that one sounded best to me
Quote by AndrasL
Thank you for the support! I went to a guitar store and listened to a number of guitars in my price range. I chose a second hand Cort Earth 70, because that one sounded best to me

The one that sounds best to you is the best in the store. Congratulations - they are good guitars.

That surely is a great decision

That is why I don't like to order guitars online. Direct experience won't ever lie to you
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