I am looking to build my first pedal board and since it is my birthday next week i think now is a great time. My current rig is a Fender Baja Telecaster/ Fender Classic player Jazz master , a Vox AC15C1 and a Boss ME 70. The Boss ME 70 sounds too digital for what I like.

I have an Ibanez Tube Screamer mini and a Nano Big muff which I would put on my board. The other pedals I am looking to buy are a TC Electronic Flashback, MXR Preamp and a tuner. I play Arctic Monkeys , Oasis , Black Keys sort of music.

Excluding the pedals I have around £200 for the actual board, power supply and patch cables. I looked at the pedal train metro 16 but was wondering if people had any opinions on it or could recommend anything else. Also the joyo power supply got excellent reviews for a very reasonable price.

Will be used for gigs for approx 100 people so I don't need anything too fancy or special.

Could someone also clarify is it possible with the pedal train range to attach the power supply to the opposite side of the board from the pedals.

Many thanks

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I don't know how important looks are to you, but I built my pedalboard out of 1x3 oak boards using the pedaltrain design as a basis. It's 24 inches wide and about 18 inches top to bottom. Lots of room for pedals. It cost me less than $30 US. When you're done, you could prime it and paint it any color you want.
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EDIT, misread your post. 200$ should be enough to get started. Thought you mean 200 for everything including pedals.

The pedal trains let you mount the pwer underneath, but its model specific. Not all have enough room. The metro 16 is flat, so I doubt you can fit power under it.
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i would have a hard time spending much money on a board.

i made all four of mine from reclaimed maple that my business pulled out of a job on a renovation.

you can buy a few 1"x3"s or so and just do as ryan said. shouldn't be much more than $20 for a half decent hardwood (i wouldn't go pine personally).

are you handy with a soldering iron? you can make cables stupid cheap. you can buy some bulk cable (say 100' (moogami, livewire, etc) and some switchraft or neutrik ends and make them the length you want. that is what i did with my rigs.
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You can save a silly amount of money making your own board. Pedaltrains are expensive. So if you have wood, some tools, and experience using them, you can make a solid board for little to no money. You could design the Pedaltrain style, or even just clean up a plank and raise the bottom of it.

If you do go Pedaltrain, try organizing your pedals here before you buy. I doubt you will be able to get an Isolated Power Brick (Like the Voodoo Labs units) in your budget if you get a Pedaltrain, though. I think a 1-Spot Daisy Chain would be fine, though. If you make your own board, then you can probably get an ISO PSU in your budget. Just make sure to raise the board enough to leave room to mount the PSU.

And you can save money making your own cables. Do not buy pedalboard "kits" but rather get the products in bulk, individually.
If you're going to be gigging, get the lightest board you can find. I have the skb 8 - it's basically a slab of plastic with velcro -with a light carry bag - and it' s perfect because of it's simplicity and light weight.
if it's the joyo one i'm thinking of i don't think it's isolated, even though it claims to be
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I just finished my own pedalboard out of a pallet from work earlier this week. It was pretty easy, but needed some thought. I think the sanding took more time than the cutting. Got some furniture adjustable feet for mine so its always level and secure no matter the surface. I think I spent a total of about $17 on everything. (Mind you I did already have access to the tools and screws.) I made it 24" x 12' just because I don't usually run a lot of pedals.(for now) and it has plenty of space. I have 6 pedals (with 1 huge volume pedal) and I still have room for about three-4 more of a usual 'boss-type' size. Going to secure the carpeting and give it a fine grit sanding after Sunday worship and seal it. I like the plain wood look.
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