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As you can tell by the title, I am having great difficulty finding my vocal range. I'm a middle school female and I'm in chorus. I'm not a great singer, but I do it for fun. (Ex- play along to songs, write originals, etc.) I understand music, I know what all the terms mean, but I cannot find my vocal range. I assume that I am somewhere from G1-G4, but you'll have to tell me if that is even possible. I'm guessing that that's correct, because I can sing all three parts of our choral music. (Soprano, Alto, Bass, or SAB)

When I try to find my vocal range, I sit down at the piano and do a few practice songs to get warmed up, then I start to try to find my lowest note. I'll sing a G for example, then try to figure out which octave it's in. This is when the trouble comes... I decide that it's definitely a G, but then I can't decide if it's a G1 or G2. Either way, it sounds like I'm singing the right note. I know I'm not changing pitch because I've tried recording myself singing a note, then trying to decide what octave it's in, and that didn't work either.

I have no issue finding my highest note (G4), but I need some tips and opinions to try to decide on my vocal range. My speaking voice is very low for my age if that helps. Honestly, all I need to know is if you guys think that G1 is even possible for me to sing.

Thank you!
Record yourself.

I highly doubt G1 is what you want to say. A4 is tuning A, C4 is middle C on the piano, E4 is the highest open string on a standard-tuned guitar.
I doubt many guys in the world can even approach a G1 in chest. You'd need a long as hell vocal tract in addition to really thick vocal chords to get that in chest voice. It measures roughly 49hz. You could probably do it using a really well controlled vocal fry, but that's a different thing all together. It doesn't count as your 'singing' voice. Also G4 is not very high for a girl, you probably have not bridged into head voice at this point yet. I'm a high tenor and can get solid F#5s in head voice or very light mix.
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