I have this annoying problem about 4 out of 10 times I bend the B or high E string i also hit the Open G or D string by accident with my fingers bending the string. I tried to mute them with my right hand but I can't get seem to get them completely silent. I think one of the causes is that I always practice unplugged so I don't annoy anyone. Any suggestions?

On a side note I went to see Steve Vai recently and this happened to him on the love of God at least it was in key.

What's happening is that say you're bending the high E, you're actually pushing the B string into the G string. There's two ways to do it:

1. As you bend up your picking hand blocks all the other strings
2. As you bend up your fretting hand mutes the other strings

No one way is better than the other, each player has their preference. What you've got to do is just run it slowly. Bend the high E as you normally would, then slow down that action as you bring it back down. You'll be able to notice a lot clearer what's happening and what you need to do to fix it. Practice getting your picking hand to sync with your bending motion. This means that as you bend up your hand mutes the other strings but follows the motion of the strings up with the bend, and back down.

It's one of those techniques that separates out advanced players - it's not a difficult thing to learn once you've ran practiced it. It's definitely something that will make a big difference in your playing though.
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Maybe you're not using enough fretting hand weight to mute those lower pitched strings. Experiment with a bit more ... I don't really want to say strength or pressure, as there's really very little needed. What part of your fretting hand is in contact with the strings, and how near the bridge?
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